Tuesday, January 12, 2010

enough is enough...

First of all... Happy New Year everyone... dec 2009 was lyke so hectic for me... coming into 2010, hoping for a better and harmonious year..BUT MALAYSIA has a very different story to tell to the entire universe... Malaysia, whom the world know as one of the most harmonious country despite populated by so many different races, languages, and RELIGIONs... AS of 31.12.2009, WE at Malaysia were so very united in the spirit of 1MALAYSIA, a concept that shows who we truly are... Everything change in a blink of eye.... A Very SAD DAY for MALAYSIA as this issue continues to tense the country...

Let just hope that this issue will be settled as soon as possible to avoid further choas and damages... I pray that Malaysia will get back to right track in the name of 1Malaysia....huhu T_T

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