Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dear loyal readers,

.. fuhhhhh..its been a while since my last entry.. life has been so chaotic for me.. uncertainties are everywhere and i am so tired of handling them.. which most of the time they came unexpectedly that triggered unpleasant and awkward situations between parties involved... it was so tensed to the extent that i couldn't figure out what is right and what is wrong.. irrational actions are waiting to be called..

i just don't understand why some people are so stubborn and so emotional in handling things... aren't they aware that all thats happenned are by miles are because of their own mistake??? They kept on saying that "..omg..i am still young and still learning.."..bullshit... how on earth you called that learning when you are actually aware that you've made mistake but keep on repeating the same mistake... are you waiting for the outcomes to emerge and ruined everything then you stop doing your mistake??? when that time comes, regrets are useless... face the facts... don't we have enough evidence (that we learned from others experiences..or by observations..or even from the Pendidikan Moral or Sivik we learned from school) to opened your eyes???? Why do you think we have norms and moral studies in our society???

So stop taking advantage on number (age) and how young you are that permits you to repeat your mistake.. there are few mistakes that are not meant to be repeated over and over again, because the result is calamity and has great impact on your future... to make things even worse, it also jeopardizing others future and of course the impact will be spread-out to your significants...

Just don't let your emotions control your actions.. let your mind and thinking be dominant in your action.. don't be so ego.. don't said that you are trying to help out..YOU ARE NOT... You are pampering your own lust and desire only... If you want to ruin your future then be my guest, just don't involve others..

I know i sounded like i hate you but believe me i don't.. and i really meant it.. I don't hate you.. i just want you to understand how i care about FUTURE and i dont want it to be ruined just by ONE single action that only satisfied the feelings of youthfullness... There are few things in our life that need us to experience them in order for us to learn, but there are also things that we learned from others and we should avoid the same mistake that had affected their future.. the thing that you are doing now is of course the latter... please... from my humble heart, stop doing it cuz it hurting yourself.. there are time for everything.. for that particular thing, it is not the right time yet...

i know somehow i am to be blamed for whatever outcomes that might occur... i am human being too.. i made mistake and still making them.. but for this particular thing, i know i am right... trust me... i started to giving up being like a patrol guy or policeman that 24/7 making sure everything is fine.. i am tired being lied... if i were to forget everything, someone will for sure in limbo and i don't want it to happen... because watever i have started, i will make sure that i'll finished them... i care for you..

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