Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008 - Badminton - Disappointment - Lee Chong Wei LOST TO Lin Dan

Well i guess everyone knows by now that our only gold medal hope at Beijing Olympic 2008 lost to Lin Dan.

Nevertheless, we have to congratulate him for making it to the final of the badminton men single. Without doubt, he is the most successful and talented player our country ever produced.

Personally, I am so very much disappointed on the result. Its not because he had lost the match but it is more on the performance of Chong Wei during the final. It is UNFORGIVEN to lost a match like that taking into consideration on his world no 2 status. Its look like that he lack of mental fitness and cannot bear the pressure being our hope to take our very first olympic gold medal. If he had lost with better margin, say for example 20-22, 22-20, and bring the match into rubber set, then I will say that he lost with pride and he deserved to be called national hero because he has done his best. But we know how he lost in most embarassing score of 12-21, 8-21.

He lost in every aspect of the match. From net to baseline, from smash to drop shot, and from physical to mental wise. He don't deserved to lost like that. It is a shameful lost for Malaysia. Chong Wei was too 'nice' last nite and didn't even showed any aggresive smash.

Nevertheless, I know He has done everything he could last nite but things as last nite happen to any top player in the world. They sometimes lost the momentum they needed.Last nite, shows how pressure had made him lost.

Chong Wei, we will always support you and wish you all the best.. There's still a lot waiting for you in the future...

Malaysia Boleh.....

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