Saturday, March 28, 2009

Akademi Fantasia 7 semakin hambar di Konsert ke 3

Don't you miss the previous AFs??? I do...

Last nite concert (Konsert ke 3) yang bertemakan musik Retro 80an was the most boring concert.. All the songs selected by the so-called 'faculty' were mostly boring and monotonous, with non-energetic melody.. AND blended together with the underperformed and non-energetic, and uncreative, and not-so-talented (yet) contestants...THUS we were served with the most excruciating performances..

Nonetheless, i have to give credit to the accapella Menuju Puncak which i think was beautifully performed by the finalist.. The vocal seemed flawless and i did not even hear any off-pitch notes.. it was just so harmonious and they did it like a professional choir group with thousand times of rehearsal.. for that i applaud them.. yet again why didn't the camera zoom any of the contestant?? It made me wonder whether they really sang it live or just doing a miming??

I am glad as well when the camera began to zoomed-in the live audiences closer (compare to previous concerts) and the 'faculty' (hate to called them that... just like so-not-AF..), as if the producer heed my call (read here).. hahaha..perasan... BUT again tiba2 last week concert ada background professional dancers mengiringi the contestants.. AGAIN, i did mentioned this matter.. (waw.. macam kana baca saja blog sa ni..hahaha perasan lagi!).

Now, lets go to the contestant performances..

Ada off tempo sikit.. Breathing problem yang obvious, unoriginal.. corny, and nampak terseksa nyanyi lagu pawana nie..

Problem on low notes,.. monotonous song (which is not his fault of course), it was a pleasant song but not fit for singing competition..mcm lounge performer.. BUT i like his husky voice which is very commercial.. should be more creative on boring number like that..

High note tiada ummpph But NICE vocal..

Starting jak suara mcm tersengeh-sengeh..High notes really OUT, bad song choice (opsss.. not their selection), flat.. tiada kreativiti untuk mencantikkan lagu.. BORING!

Really really sumbang on low notes.. movements on stage was awkward.. a lil bit like wannabe.. falsetto on the last note was completely a disaster.. omg, the foundation applied on his face was like opera-tidak-jadi.. make-up artist FAIL..

Starting OUT which i think due to his mind emphasizing more on the choreograph.. anyhow, i like him.. very fun performance and he really has a unique and husky voice,.. the only thing that he lacking of was his confidence, which was very obvious and portrayed on his expression..

Low note ada big problem BUT she redeemed it with a good stage presentation.. vocal was so-so with no star value (yet)..

Nice performance.. nice vocal.. but lack of energy (semput bah..).. Rap part memang best..

Another boring performance with lack of vocal charisma.. he just don't have the look and stlye to become a singer.. poor.. What the heck with his make-up..HANCUSSSSS... Mcm 'sissy'.. MAKE-UP ARTIST - FAIL FAIL FAIL

Wannabe performance.. But at least he showed his utmost effort which was bad because it looks like he was unoriginal.. very corny performance with capital C... His facial expression was very annoying..

She really has a major problem on her low register..can't even hear what she said.. another boring performance.. FLAT..and STIFF.. dancers really look macam clowns..

Soft voice but nice.. yet belum outstanding.. macam ringan sangat for the song..Vocally, memang almost perfect.. but she need to hide her nervousness shown on her face..

He really the savior of AF7.. Great connection with the song.. although ada slack on his dance.. He was indeed the winner of the Nite..

Overall, i would say that almost all contestants are uncreative in formulating their performance and trapped in the song itself.. they didn't dare to challenged themselves.. that's why their performance become boring and non-energetic..

OBRI and RINI going out.. who cares???

Friday, March 27, 2009

UPDATED-One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 7 show

Hi loyal reader..

Let just go directly to the show last nite.. Elimination round: Fify out..!! No big deal.. I've predicted it after all.. (review here)! I am so proud of myself for being right for 2 consecutive weeks.. I can be guest judge suda (hahaha..perasan!). Well, you do not have to be professional singer/musician/composer/(..whoever lar yang ada education or experiences in this industry) to know who will be voted out this week.. unless of course ada 'sponsorer/s'.. Fify final performance pun tak OK..

Mmmmpphhh... this season, we started off with 7 girls and 5 boys in the final round. Now, we are down to ONLY 2 girls and STILL 5 boys.. What does it implies??? I have few hypotheses here that I would like to share;

1) More girls are watching the show than man.
2) REAL man do watch (like me..hahahah) but they did not vote..hahaha..
3) Most girls vote based on outlook (handsome, cute, whatever...) rather than talents (errmmmm..thats explained why Nine is still here..**sigh)
4) ermmmm...fikir sendiri lar...

Girls, no offence ah... you may have your own hypothesis, let me know..

Back to the show.. I would like to give a round (or 100 rounds) of applause to the production team last nite for serving us with a very great Top 7 show. It was indeed the besssssttt concert so far, in term of show's creativity and the elements included. Thank god.. Awal and Marion improved a lot especially Awal.. He did not overdoing his part and his 'sissy' style was no more to be found. Bravo Awal!! (**mcm Awal baca pula kritikan saya minggu lalu kan..perasan lagi!!). I like how they teased the contestants and i also like the 'main kena-kena' between Marion and was just fantastic.. Overall, i really enjoyed the show last nite. (But the unwanted background when Marion/Awal introduced the next contestant was so like horrible.. and Rizu passed by in front of the camera pun a lil bit awful..) Anyhow, I still think it was a fantastic production.

HOWEVER.... performance wise...??? omg..the contestants' performances a bit dull and boring.. At this stage of competition (as said by the judges), what more important is to show their x-factor and come out with a solid and fantastic performance because we all know, vocally, they are good.. (except for Nine and Aweera).

Singing MCR's I don't love you should be an advantage for her due to the song's popularity.. I am MCR's die hard fan and I really really really love the song. Unfortunately, she killed the song completely..She did..!! And I am a lil bit disappointed. The arrangement was so BORING (with capital B).. What the heck was that.. some song shouldn't be changed thoroughly for you might accidentally omitted the strength of the beautiful-song... and sadly 'I don't love you' was brutally killed last nite.. Vocally, we know Esther was good and perfect tho'.

I do agree with the judges.. Nothing special about his performance.. Vocally, he was good but the song itself is boring thus made him looked so boring... Wrong choice of song.. But I have to applaud him for being less annoying..hehehe..

It was really a karaoke performance from him.. He's a good singer but lack of confidence and no star value on the appearance.. do something lar Simon.. change your outfits for the sake of the competition and do not be so stubborn to maintain your ugly outdated fashion and appearance... really sayang lar your great and pleasant commercial-voice... Remember the show is looking for a current-star and not some sort of low-profile kind of entertainer..

I like his song choice which is a crowd-pleaser kind of song.. It was an energetic performance.. but vocally, it was not OKAY.. I know he has a great high pitch vocal but last nite it just didn't showed..

Singing her own song was indeed a wrong strategy.. at this stage she should sing a song that challenged her voice range and capability.. Vocally memang okay but as i said it was just okay.. biasa-biasa je and sometime i felf boring.. it was completely forgettable performance..

Bad song choice.. hate the song as well.. hate his movement on stage as well.. very annoying and unoriginal.. corny performance.. sometimes looked like wannabe kind of person.. Publisiti murahan lagi!!!! I thought i was watching BersamaMu TV3...

Macam wannabe jugak Tomok ni.. nyanyi lagu Syafinaz.. kinda brave but idiot song choice.. I was kinda confused.. macam suka macam lebih banyak tidak suka pula.. to get immunity last nite was completely a joke.. but hanya jauhari sahaja mengenal manikam (**hmmm betul ka peribahasa I ni??)..

There you go... if i were the judge for last nite show.. i will not grant any of them the immunity.. they just don't deserve it .. OK ape if no weekly winner, it could be interesting as well...

Based on last nite concert.. the person that will be voted out next week will be the awful and wannabe NINE..

But anything could happen.. Simon and Amylea are also in deep trouble..

And since i am STILL Esther's fan..

Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pathetic!!.. AF7 gagal sekali lagi di Konsert ke 2..

What more can I say.. ?? It is indeed PATHETIC and I am so sad (extremely sad..) watching my favorite reality show is no more entertaining (ataupun tidak keterlaluan kalau saya katakan ianya BUKAN lagi AF yang saya kenal).!! I know we suppose to see transformasi..but with that kind of transformasi..?? Its killing me.. It hasn't contributes to the existing qualities of AF.. So far all that saw were something that killing the #1 reality show in Malaysia.

Menuju Puncak group performance
OMG.. koreografinya betul2 hancur dan tidak menuju puncak langsung.. alah2 robot ('robert' kalu ikut istilah one of the and I can hear how sumbang the boys was. It shows that the boys have a very bad low register on their voices. I guess, its not their fault after all.. we can blame the history.. AF has established a very high standard in singing and to come out with that robotic-choreography in this latest edition of AF is very much pathetic. If this matter continues, I'm afraid AF will be history.

Students performances
Overall.... ianya macam malam KARAOKE.. where were all the star qualities and values in AF's contestants? I am really really really sad to see them performing in very karaoke style. NOT ALL of course yang hancusss.. 2 or 3 manage to save the show..

Nice tone (sedap) and very unique voice he has there.. performance pun very teenage-ish.. OKAY from him.

Gagap is definitely Stacys own and almost untouchable by any other singer.. Overall, HANCUR and PITCHY all the way..

I like his tone BUT just like Rubisa, SUMBANG all the way through.. very insincere performance.

Starting okay but when come to the high part..omg..omg.. excruciating.. painful to listen to.. Boring performance and looked very nervous, which really reflected on her performance. I agree with Adlin: her high heel memang limits her movement.

I thought I am looking at Khai AF1.. don't you think so?? There's something wrong with this guy.. Macam over-confident in a not-good performance.. Low note memang hancur gila.. He really spoiled Nubhan's song.. He KILLS the beautiful melodic song of Nubhan.! Extremely painful.. omg.. Why i was served with this kind of performances from AF on my beautiful weekend...

Opening saja dah OUT.. tiada confident dengan lagu.. just an okay performance from her. Semput di tengah2 lagu sampai penghujung lagu..

Nice tone but berlambak kat market sekarang ni.. No dynamic..MENDATAR FLAT FLAT FLAT and FLAT.. Didn't showed any color of his voice.. and his movement??? Macam clown.. Come on cikgu, do something about this..

EXTREMELY PAINFUL.. Sakit telinga woi.. lagu Liza Hanim tue memang Adila bawa belayar sampai laut India and terus tsunami.. Completely SUMBANG.. *puke..puke and puke..
One of the judge said "BAIK"..omg puhlezzzz, tadika pun tahu Adilla nyanyi sangat sumbang.

Boring and forgettable.. pitching out and bad over-confident.. anyhow he do has a very nice and husky voice.

falsetto part memang hancur. Overall, sumbang, sumbang and summmmmbang.

Sumbang, sumbang and SUMBANG.. apa jadi dengan para peserta this season.. all they know is to serves us with their sumbang and boring performance.

fuhhhhh.. she saves this show with her beautiful almost-perfect vocal.. but ada messy sikit dengan lagu 'ku mahu'..and what with the make-up??? macam hantu dalam filem seram.. so putih yang weird-looking white..

Again, great performance from him. I like his tone, very refreshing and sedap didengar.. Anyway, ada problem in his 2nd song with pitchy a little bit here and there. Falsetto pun ada kureng sikit, and we can hear his hard breathing.. semput lar tue.. BUT he is still the best performer of the nite..

Nice tone.. lembut with very Siti Nurhaliza-ish kind of voice.. Cuma, facial expression ada kureng sikit.. anyway top 3 performance tonite.

Adila going out tonite.. no suprise!! Actually kalau boleh, 10 orang terus keluar pun tak apa.. it will save the quality of AF..

AGAIN, what kind of transformasi that they were talking about??
I spotted few transformasi for the past 2 weeks which was very confusing on whether or not they are helping on upgrading AF's standard or (penyebab kepada kemungkinan AF akan hilang serinya)..

**Menuju puncak di awal konsert.
**VT peserta di awal persembahan untuk setiap peserta (mcm American Idol lar...)
**Habis saja persembahan peserta, terus juri akan comment (juga mcm American Idol.. aik hello?? Is this Malaysian Idol?)
**Invited/Chosen judges are rather boring, non-energetic, dull comments, monotonous tone, and very typical Malaysia(tidak mau terus terang.. cakap BAIK saja..).. but of course Adlin dikecualikan dalam hal ini.. he is indeed GOOD..
**No more background professional-dancers (which for me contributes to the deadly dull-concerts, so far)
**No more views on crowds, artists, and cikgu2 to the home viewers.. asyik2 peserta, AC and the pengkritik.. again making it so boring deadly dull-concerts...

Whatever it was, let just give them another week to redeem their popularity..

p/s my mother tertidur time tengok concert AF7 nie, which shouldn't happened for she WAS the hardcore fan of AF.. apa dah jadi??

Friday, March 20, 2009

One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 8 show

Hi loyal readers, I'm back...

First of all, I love the montage of OIAM this season.. very catchy and fully mendebarkan.. It made you couldn't wait to see the contestant.. for me lar..

Elimination round: What??? Simon in the bottom 2?? Luckily he didn't voted out.. Come on Malaysia, lets put him through into the final together with Esther (the favorite), and Aweera(the underdog).. omg, i have revealed my top 3 finalists.. hhahahaha... Yup, that's what i think we should do.. let just give chance to the new and fresh talents in the industry rather than seeing existing artist become the winner of this season.

Anith was shown the exit by voters. That wasn't a shocking news.. i predicted it after all.. hehehe.. read here (kalau tak percaya lar...). One thing that made me grumbled was AWAL, the host.. Did u notice he said "Anith anda mendapat undian terendah minggu ini" then suddenly the background music changed and Marion said "Simon if u were voted out this week, you will be the 1st boy to be out....".. what the hell is that?? Awal2 lagi si Awal dah revealed the result... in case u didn't notice, nama pun Awal..hahaha.. i guess he baca script salah semalam.. so Awal, extra careful next time, you did spoiled the revelation of result semalam.. hahaha..

Opss.. i forgot about Anith.. Anith is a good singer yet not enough for the competition.. her final performance pun just Okay with capital O.. good luck girl..

For my loyal readers information, i never watched OIAM diaries thus whatever written here is solely based on the contestant performance regardless of their whatever-shown-in-the-diary..

They start the show with group performance and i didn't like it.. i want to see solo performance and not that stupid group.. This is OIAM looking for soloist talent.. Therefore, i don't give a damn on the group performance. AND I STILL DON'T LIKE THE HOST.. Marion getting better but Awal?????? I don't like his sissy postures and lenggang lenggok and siap lap2 peluh di dahi lagi.. omg... senyuman pun x ikhlas..

(THEME: OPPOSITE ATTRACT.. meaning the boys have to sing a song composed for woman singer and the girls vice verca).

(Gantung - Melly Goeslow)
Opening like lil bit off-pitch.. low register like not hit well.. it was an just okay performance and missing his star quality.. nothing special from his performance last nite. I have to agree with Paul that his performance was boring and forgettable.

(I'M yours - Jason Mraz)
I reckon that the opening was kinda ikut2 Simon's style last week, which Simon getting the applause from the judges.. but on Amylea, nah...... it was boring.. on her performance, it was a very entertaning and i like the arrangement.. it was a very good performance with great vocal but the only problem was her sebutan which i cant really get what she was saying.. like she mumbled all her words..

(Tiada lagi-Mayang Sari)
I expected mesti copycat Amy Search nie, when the host announced the title of Aweera's song this week. uhmmmm... betul2 juga lar.. I don't like the whole performance, no originality, very the AmySearch-ish.. Pitching problem pun masi ada lagi.. but luv the high note which he hit well.. Amy sang it better than Aweera (of course maaaa..).. Sorry Aweera.. you will be in the bottom group (bingung sua bottom apa.. 2, 3, 5..) next week.. Tambah2 lagi u were showing ur Perlis'flag.. what the heck with that cheap publisity.. that will contribute to your 'OUT WEERA'.. Malaysia are watching the show man, bukan orang Perlis saja.. everyone luvs their country...

I tot it was like no-aura-Fantasia Barrino performance, but for a guys doing that??? .. ehmmm faham2 lar.. Problems on low note but have a good high register.. very annoying performance.. mcm biasa maybe because of his facial expression.. Vocally, he was great but I have to agree with Paul and Syafinaz, he is indeed WEIRD... lol, mo mati sudah sa ketawa when Jay2 ask Rizu on the 'akil baligh' thing.. omg it was indeed made Rizu more weirdo....hahaha.. Sori Rizu, u are one of a hell great singer but you need to do something about your wierdo expression...

(When you're gone-Avril Lavigne)
A lil bit shaky on the opening line.. wierd arrangment on the bridge of the song.. vocally, it was nice but like something missing in his performance.. kurang menyengat this week.. lacking star quality as the judges said.. and of course please do something on your dress code.. macam pergi jalan2 di pasar malam.. huhuhu... Anyhow, I still like your husky voice..

(Pria Terhebat-Sheila on 7)
First note 'HEBAT' pun dah OUT.. Just an okay and boring performance.. forgettable.. no originality, and 'macam berlakon' saja performance si Fify nie.. no sincerity.. ending pun pitchy.. i guess she has the chances of voted out next week.

He is definitely getting better and better every week.. A very entertaining performance but vocally belum great lagi because i can hear pitching problem here and there.. Cuma belum ada wow factor...

(Won't go home without you-Maroon 5)
SUPERB.. FANTASTIC..BRILLIANT... that was a very high star-quality performance.. very cheeky and i love how she moved and used every inch of the stage.. She definitely has the 'wow' factor that this show looking for.
However, with that kind of benchmarked, will she be able to maintained and sustained her performance for the remaining weeks?Let just hope she will be able to do it..

As expected, Esther once again claimed the award. She definitely deserved it.

As for my bottom 4, here are they:
Simon, Fify, Aweera, and Rizu(because of his bow-tie..hheheh)

Fify definitely will be the one voted out next week..

AND please cast your vote on your favorite and deserved-your-vote contestant. I would like to suggest that you vote YES to SIMON, and OUT to RIZU...

To Esther's voters.. cuti this week.. save credits.... till then...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Akademi Fantasia now is really a fantasy.. what Transformasi??

I was called by my own instinct to write about AF7 although initially I find it is not worth-sharing to my loyal readers..

Firstly, "TRANSFORMASI"... what transformasi?? I didn't see anything was done that contributes to the alleged 'transformasi" (which should IMPROVE the show).. All i saw were stuffs that made the show more boring, more hancus and very stereotyping.. Where were all the elements that have been the identity of AF? What happened to the the theme song 'Menuju Puncak"?? Its weird because as if I was watching OIAM.. Where was the interview thing by the host before every performance?? What the heck with the stage that look very similiar to OIAM's stage.. What happened to the contestant's tagline?? Why is the lighting was so dimmmmmmm... theme color pun very weird.. hye come on Mr Producer.>.. What transformasi are u talking about?? Kalau pun nak buat transformasi, make sure they contribute to the quality of the show WITHOUT eliminating AF's Identity..

I read from that they are not ready to perform the theme song and they did not want the contestant come out with very funny tagline.. who is not ready??? the contestant or the production?? Sorry.. we don't buy ur cheap reason... first show without "menuju puncak" is enough to tell us (**sigh.. i ve been AF loyal fan..) that AF sudah hilang seri and they are not serious this year... all they care is profit..

Performance wise.. omg.. i really wanna puke.. menyesal betul tengok.. there were no quality at all and no star value.. first show of OIAM pun i already terangkat.. okay maybe i am too harsh .. got to admit that some contestants do have star quality and this season macam everyone can be a winner without someone yg macam mawi and stacy punya season dulu.. But the performance (last weekend) was not enough to prove on the transformasi.. they really exaggerating it.. Kesian that most of them pun talent very raw.. I wonder how did they passed through the 'strict' so-many-stages-audition? It is simply because our youth had shift their attention to other reality show?? So, yang tinggal for AF is the 2nd class talent?? Oppssss sory ya.. just wondering..

From my point of view, there are no such thing as not ready.. come on, AF has been the #1 reality show in the country and ada benchmark yang tinggi.. so to produce as last week concert is so not AF.. pity.. i just hope that concert #2 akan lebih better with real tranformasi.. and please put back all AF's identities...

No ranking this week cuz all contestants performed below par...

Friday, March 13, 2009

One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 9 show

What the heck.. all the girls are in the bottom 5 this week?? Come on Malaysia, you must be kidding! I bet it was not based on votes percentage rather they just wanted to show that all boys are through to the next round of the competition.

Hello loyal reader,

Let me just begin this review by criticizing the host. Personally, I hate on how they handled the show. Firstly, they don't look natural on stage but seems to me that they have been rehearsing it for like zillion time. It was boring because they looked like robot. Don't get me wrong, i did not mean that rehearsal is bad, but this is live show (for christ's sake...!!).. be natural and try to make the show happening. (This is why Aznil is still the #1 host in the country). Secondly, they tried to drag the time in revealing the elimination result, and guess what, it ain't 'mendebarkan'.. extremely excruciating... sorry.. (oppsss Paul said a real man never apologize.. so forget about my 'sorry'..hehehe).

Pija voted out.. shocked?? nope.. in contrary.. i don't like her.. she is so hypocrite (as per my review last week).. Even though i predicted that Fify will be the one to be voted out, i also predicted that pija will be in the bottom 5. On her final performance... ermmm.. that performance was a prove that she is not that superstar.. sharp a little bit and pitchy here and there.. Anyhow, all the best Pija.. You has a great husky vocal but haven't used it properly..

I would like to remind my loyal reader that whatever being written here are solely my own opinion and do not have the attention to discredit anybody (especially the contestants), and nothing personal.. They were based on my own not-so-professional opinion, but as someone who has been the loyal fan of the show (OIAM).. and as a home viewer.. **sigh.. i wish i were there every week as live audience..

Theme for tonite show is 'the songwriters' week', so i expected something great will happen.

As immunity winner last week, he had to start the show. And he did awful.. He started with a lil bit out of tempo that jeopardized his whole performance. He forgot his lyrics and that was really bad too.. he sounded funny tonite cuz i thought i heard 'sengau' and kinda 'meneran suara' like someone in labor.. didn't have the 'jiwa' needed for the song.. boooooooooo.... =suara hidung...

(Yang pernah-Estranged)
1st line saja dah lari pitching ke laut cina selatan.. Hate the guitar cuz it doesn't even help her performance. What the heck with the tatoo on her face.. looked ugly.. it was not so her.. The falsetto was so excrutiate to hear.. I don't understand why did the judges liked her performance.. For me it was rather boring and forgettable..

(Kalis Rindu-Aidit Alfian-Elyana)
Surprisingly, I love her performance tonite although kinda agree with the guest judge, Mr. Fauzi Marzuki that there were no originality shown on her performance. Blame it on Aidit whose ego is so like gunung Kinabalu.. What can we do, he owned the song.. Nonetheless, I like her showmanship tonite and i like the cheeky performance from her.. the song suited her so well. Overall, good performance.

Awal... Awal.. what a stupid joke about the 'kalis peluru' thing.. Hey, come on.. it was not funny AT ALL.. it sucks.. he laughed on his own not-funny-at-all-joke ALONE.. wakakaka... Once again, the host were so like robots.. Mr/Mrs Producer, please change the host..

Back to the performances..

(Cinta-Andy Flop Poopy)
He look like a 'soft-guy' in the VT shown.. On his performance tonite, as usual he is still annoying and irritating guy.. his expression (of face) was so weird.. No problem on the vocal tho'.. except for the low note where he like so tenggelam.. I didn't like the arrangement of the song, just like what Paul said, the song was transformed into something that was not so close to the original song in term of melody lar.. and i thought i heard like Zainal Abidin Hijau yang nyanyi.. sounded like zainal-ish.. Anyhow, okay lar tue..

(La la la Kerjalah-Meet Uncle Hussein)
First and foremost, i hate the song choice..Of all the songs composed by MUH, why picked that lousy song.. Kesian Tomok.. BUT.. one thing about Tomok is that whatever song he sang, he really feels the song and made the song as his own song. For me, he is one of the contestant who shows consistency in their performances. Again tonite he spectacularly nailed his performance (although the song is not so syok). Overall, it was the best performance so far (tolak the lagu only lar..)

(Mungkin-Pacai-Anuar Zain)
WRONG CHOICE OF SONG.. Again.. WRONG CHOICE OF SONG.. Pitchy all the way through.. Weird and extremely painful melody at the beginning of the song.. shaky vocal.. and true enough that the song was by zillion miles was too BIG for her.. no one and i mean it.. no one can sing Anuar's song as good as Anuar.. Anith looked so tertekan and pity on her.. It was the worst performance of the nite and I guess it will be the end of her journey in OIAM.

(Aku & Kamu-Andy Flop Poppy)
I couldn't believe it that I'm going to say this: He performs well tonite. But I also agree with Fauzi that there were no originality in his performance. Vocally, he was okay except on the horrible falsetto. And his sebutan also like so minta puji when he pronounced cantik as 'santik'... wkakaka..And..labelling him 'sexy' (Marion yg cakap).. omg.. PEEEELLLLLIIIIZZZZZZ!!!!.... Overall, great performance (once again, i couldn't believe i said that..huhuhu)

Save the best for last.. that's what i thought when they let Esther and Simon to perform as the final two. Check check check it out...

(Dialah diHati-Aidit Alfian-Dato Siti Nurhaliza)
She never dissapointed us.. Once again she nailed it.. cuma ada slack in the beginning of the song where i hardly hear what she was saying and like out of tempo sikit.. But I definitely agree with Syafinaz that ada kureng sikit her performance tonite. It was beacuse that the the performance was like so not Esther that we know..Once again, blame it on the ego Aidit Alfian... He intentionally limits the aura of Esther by not giving her the freedom to sang the song in her own way.. Anyhow, i still reckon Esther's performance as great..

(Generasiku-Audi Mok-OAG)
Another great performance of one of my favorite contestant.. The opening was so creative and so brilliant.. His husky vocal and tone is so lovely and i thought it was so commercial.. Although the song didn't really challenge his vocal range, he manage to shows his superstar quality.. way to go Simon..

After seeing every contestant performed, my top 4 contestants that should be considered as immunity winner were Tomok, Simon, Esther and Nine (omg.. why Nine is And when the judges announced Tomok as the winner, i felt so sorry for Esther for losing not because of her onwself but mostly because of Aidit, the ego composer. Anyway, I agree with the judges tho'.. Overall, i reckon that tonite show is the best show so far..

I almost forgot, my bottom 5 this week are: Aweera, Anith, Amylea, Fify, and Rizu..

And the person that will be voted out next week will be Anith...


Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tiara Jacquelina Pengetua Akademi Fantasia 7 dan senarai pelajar AF7

Pertama kali dalam sejarah Akademi Fantasia (AF), Astro telah membuat langkah pembaharuan dengan melantik pelakon Puteri Gunung Ledang, Tiara Jacquelina sebagai pengetua baru AF musim ke-7. Pengumuman ini dibuat oleh pihak Astro di Jalan Dungun, Damansara, sebentar tadi menerusi program Diari AF7.

Perubahan itu menjanjikan sebuah kelainan drastik kerana sepanjang penerbitan AF belum pernah AF melantik seorang pengetua wanita untuk mengemudikannya. Ia juga mengakhiri spekulasi siapa pengetua AF7 selama ini selepas tenaga pengajar dan barisan pelajarnya diumumkan.

Pengetua terdahulu adalah Freddie Fernandez, Ramli MS, M Nasir, Ramli Sarip dan Roslan Aziz.

Tiara yang baru kembali dari mengerjakan umrah di Tanah Suci Makkah ternyata gembira dengan perlantikan itu dan berazam membimbing pelajar AF7 ke tahap yang cemerlang. Antara artis yang pernah digilap oleh Tiara di bawah agensinya dulu, Kit Kat Klub adalah Sofia Jane, Aida Rahim dan Maria Farida.

Berita dan gambar oleh Hafreze..

Top 14 Pelajar AF7

Senarai 7 pelajar lelaki AF7

AKIM (Afiq Hakim bin Ahmad, 18, Johor Bahru, Johor)
OBRI (Ahmad Sobri bin Hasmuni, 24, Johor Bahru, Johor)
ARIL (Khairil Azam bin Pilus, 24, Kuala Lumpur)
HAFIZ (Mohd. Hafiz bin Mohd Suip, 19, Kuching, Sarawak)
QHAUD (Mohd Qhauhd bin Abdul Rashid, 25, Selangor)
SIDI (Mohd. Rashidi bin Mohamad Isa, 27, Ipoh, Perak)
YAZID (Mohd. Yazid bin Ibrahim, 22, Johor Bahru, Johor).

Senarai 7 pelajar perempuan AF7

CLAUDIA (Claudia Fay Geres, 24, Kuching, Sarawak)
ISMA (Ismaliza binti Ismail, 30, Kuala Lumpur)
ADILA (Nas Adila binti Mohd Dan, 23, Johor Bahru, Johor)
ZIZI (Nur Fazelah @ Zizie binti Mohd Tahil, Sabah )
RUBISA (Rubisa binti Tiasin; 23, Kota Marudu, Sabah)
AISHAH (Siti Aishah binti Bujang, 18, Kuching, Sarawak)
RINI (Zuzafrini binti Zulkifli, 26, Kajang, Selangor)


Errrmmmm... kalu ikut sejarah AF nie.. i think the early favorite will be Qhaud... why?? simple, Qhaud = Mawi... hahhahaha

Friday, March 6, 2009

One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 10 show

Last nite performance could be the best show so far. And I am glad that my prediction (Top 11 review here) on who will be voted out was absolutely bull eyed. Nonetheless, only 2 out of three prediction on bottom 3 was correct albeit last nite instead of bottom 3, they have bottom 5. And all in the bottom 5 were as predicted. I have to give Han a round of applause tho' for her final performance. She really nailed that song although she didn't manage to hit the high note well. But I still think that she did outstanding.
As i said earlier, last nite show was the best show so far for this season, where each contestant begin to shows some enthusiastic performance.

As usual, the person who got the immunity last week will be the 1st to performed. I guess its an disadvantages on getting immunity, because to perform first require additional confidence level and one need to really nailed the song. Unfortunately, Amylea didn't. I heard she mumbled all the way through and I can't hardly hear what she was saying. Just okay performance with nothing special to it.

He's been awful for couple of weeks. Nothing to be proud of on his performance this week either.
I didn't agree with the judges. I think, most of the time he sang pitchy and didn't show any star value. NOT OKAY. BIASA jak..

This was the worst performance of the nite. Starting note, OUT. No confident at all. Lost focus in the middle of the song. Pitchy all the way through and to worsen the performance was when she sang it out of tempo. No dynamic a.k.a flat performance. Annoying body movement and awful dress (mcm org kampung.. and omg look at her hair... OUT next week.

Still loves his husky voice. Really make you relax. Performance without playing the guitar, ok apa.. But overall performance was not so good. His showmanship was bad and obvious enough that he didn't enjoy his performance. Movement was so stiff and mcm terpaksa jak ke hulu ke hilir. No wonder he always have his guitar with him when performing on stage, to hide his awkward body movement rupanya. But still his vocal is his main strength.

Just an okay performance. No Star quality and she didn't really hit the high note. It was boring and forgettable.

I got to admit that he performed well and showed some star qualities. Nevertheless, I hate to look at his facial expression. Very annoying indeed. His vocal is so different to the extend that I thought mcm sengau all the time. Hated his performance.

Another out of tempo performance. Pitchy (sumbang maut) during the verse part. Although she maintain her great energy level, she had problem with diction this time. I don't understand what she was saying. And i definitely agree with Simon that Pija look very hypocrite. Be yourself Pija.

I don't understand why did the judges picked him as the immunity recipient. He sang awfully albeit that he showed some boldness in taking the Gemilang song. Can't they hear the 'terpeleot' voice in the middle of the song? Even starting note pun sudah ke laut. He was pitchy here and there. And he was screaming for Christ sake... I know I said he could be the dark horse of the competition, but last nite show didn't approve that. Judges, i beg to differ.. Mentang2 Jac was there.. Think abt it, If last nite were the finale, do you think he deserve the crown...? Peliiiizzzz..

What can I say??? Everything was so perfect. Perfect pitch, perfect voice and very soulful. No one can deny that she has the aura that no other contestant have. I just love it but got to admit with Safinaz tho' that Esther need to control her performance because sometime she seems of overdoing it.. anyway, great performance.

He really a different person in this competition. I like his performance. The most outstanding performance of the nite in term of stage presentation. He has great star quality on stage and his gambled by taking beyonce's song really paid off. Energetic performance by Tomok. The only thing that spoiled his performance was his diction. He sounds awful singing an English song. hahaha...

AS for the immunity, I explained earlier why Aweera didn't deserve it this week. I think it should be either Esther, Tomok or Rizu (ermm.. I hate Rizu but he performed well this week.. sigh). Having predicted correctly last week, I bet that the bottom 5 this week are as follows:

Fify, Anith, Nine, Simon, and Pija.. (***luckily Aweera got that not-so-deserved immunity.. kalau tidak, he will be in the bottom 5 as well..)

And the person that will be voted out next week will be FIFY.... bye Fify...

Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perak drama... Is This How We Potray Malaysia?

It is indeed, I would say, the most embarrassing moment for Malaysia as a truly democratic country (**as some of our leaders claimed). It is by hundreds miles the worst democratic practice compare to the many other practices or events (such as The downfall of PBS in Sabah, The Terengganu 'Binatang' issue, to named a few..)

It all started during/after the GE2008, when the then government (of Perak) lost. To worsen the scenario, the present government of Malaysia had lost 5 states to the opposition alliance, and lost 2/3 majority in the Parliament. From that moment, a lot of things happening, not only in Perak, but in Malaysia as a whole. Political scene in Malaysia has completely changed and continuously evolve. We are serve with a lot of issues, which obviously very confusing.

To name a few: The pro-gov medias kept on telling us(the rakyat) that they(PR) did not actually won the 5 states, but (from their point of view) the rakyat had no choice (general term: still with BN but rejecting the President of BN). Came Anwar (again!); he claimed that he had enough 'hoppers' to form a new government. Terengganu issue:'Binatang' word that 'hurt' a lot and lots of 'berhati mulia' rakyat. Then, the by-elections in several constituties, a lot of dramas and issues, but still the rakyat has spoken. A lot, and i really mean a lot, issues and events served to the rakyat.

Frankly speaking, we understand why these two big parties keep on rising up issues in order to be seen as hero to us. That's the art of war in politic (I would say).

Interestingly, both parties, in order to gain as many supporters as possible, ventures into new approaches. They begin to sneak into others private life and exploring and exposing a lot of not-so-shocking news (well, its private life, who cares?). Certainly the most obvious and pathetic approach is by abusing power and exploitizing their power capacity/capacities. For instance, the abuse use of Acts and Laws (which obviously beyond my credibility to discuss further), and the emerging of new laws (*of course I never heard this law before..).

And now, we are very privilege indeed to be in Malaysia today to witness the most historical moment of democracy practise in our beloved not-so-democratic country. Apparently, we will never heard any government holding their assembly under a tree. At least, the positive thing about this is, we successfully promoting Malaysia to the eyes of the world. The impacts of these scenario, whether negative or positive, is very much secondary, at least for the moment.

To both parties,
Please and please.. stop this drama at once. You are (or we are) potraying a very bad image of Malaysia. If the USA potraying the political scene towards better evolution(of course shocked juga lar when Obama become the first black President), why are we facing the other way round?

The rakyat become more confuse with the latest showdown in Perak. Your party says you are lawfully right, but the other party says the same thing.

Why can't we just hold a fresh state election and let the rakyat (who FYI are the right decision maker) decides on who has the right to form government.

There's a lot of other important things that need to be attended and required much efforts from the politicians. Economic crisis which begin to pressed the rakyat is far more important than your thug of war in Perak. We want a true hero that can help us to ease our life and not to confuse us with all these political-drives motive.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Perak drama: Set for showdown

News & Updates by TheStar Online..

The situation in Perak was calm but tense Monday as the wrangling political parties took their battle to the courts.

Perak executive councillor Mohd Zahir Abdul Khalid and two lawyers served a notice of misconduct to State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar, referring him to the Rights and Privileges Committee.

The notice, handed to Sivakumar’s political secretary A. Wasu at the Speaker’s office at 11am Monday, came with a report accusing him of abusing his power to commit contempt of the House by disloyalty to the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah.

Mohd Zahir told a press conference that the Speaker was referred to the committee for violating Article 47 of the state constitution following his suspension of Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and his six exco members.

The Article reads that an assemblyman taking oath must swear to preserve and defend the State Constitution and bear true allegiance to the Sultan of Perak.

“We feel that the Speaker is not following the constitution and has disobeyed the Sultan’s orders (titah).

“We have already informed all assemblymen, including the Speaker, that they must remain loyal to the Ruler. This is blatant disresgard of His Royal Highness,” Mohd Zahir said outside the Speaker’s office at the state secretariat here.

Interestingly, Sivakumar heads the same Rights and Privileges Committee.

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