Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AKIM - My Favorite to Win AF7

You may call him cocky.. some may just call him ego.. some say he is rejected from OIAM.. whatever you may want to labeled him, for me he is the most 'transformed' student of akademi fantasia 7, in line with the theme of this year production.. He is indeed was transformed from zero to hero... Just look at the picture below..it is self-explanatory pic..

Pics Courtesy of Murai.com.my

Apart from that.. He is unique in such a way that his voice is not yet in the market (of Malaysia of course).. He is really transformed from 'kampung' to celebrity@potential superstar... look how kampung he is in the pic above.. no offence akim and his fans..

He is one of the most consistent student this season (selain daripada Hafiz).. His talent is very fresh and there's something about him that make me want to see his performance every week.. And one thing about him that make him very different with the other students is he can sing and smile in the same time.. his interpretation of each song he performed was unique and great..

He has so many memorable performance.. For me, the most memorable is when he performed Datuk Siti's song.. It was just awesome..

youtube video by Emerald01

And not forgetting his fantastic performance when he sang 'Situasi' (O.A Bunkface)..

youtube video by Momoilia

Malaysia, do not vote for 'recycled' student.. do not repeat our mistake in OIAM3.. He (AFMASUK student) may be talented, but yg out tue out la ye...

Hafiz can also be the winner but doesn't have the x-factor and aura.. AND his voice is very common..

So.. vote for akim by afundi him..

AFUNDI AKIM and send to 32999


AFUNDI3 AKIM and send to 32999


AFUNDI5 AKIM and send to 32999


AFUNDI10 AKIM and send to 32999


DNora said...

sy setuju dgn pendapat anda..
akim adalah yg terbaik dan layak jd juara...

jeremytuah said...

hi Dnora.. thank you for supporting my view..hehehe

Syso said...

Hm.. btul~

jeremytuah said...

hi syso,

Thanks for visiting my humble blog.. sedih ni akim 'direbut' tempat ke-2.. sepatutnya Akim 1st or at least 2nd..

Zuraimah said...

mmg tak puas hati betul dgn keputusan af7. akim mmg best malam tu. suara dia yang serak2 basah mcm rocker, mmg tak nampak dia tu mcm penyanyi kg. akim boleh dikategorikan pelajar af7 yang berjaya ditransformasikan. cuba lihat rupa, suara dan performance dia dari mggu ke mggu, mmg nmpk sgt perubahan yg berlaku. malahan masa konsert akhir, bila dia nyanyi lagu terbaru dia, tak ubah lagu tu mcm lagu yg dh pernah dinyanyikan. mmg sedap dan kena dgn suara dia. tak nampak lgsg lagu tu mcm lagu baru tapi tak ubah mcm lagu yang dh popular dan biasa di dgri. tapi apa nak buat, akim cuma dpt tmpt ke-3 je. hampa betul rasanya mlm tu. at least kalau dpt tmpt ke-2pun tak per lagi. to me, akim an hafiz are the best student. dia org berdua ni patut dpt tmpt pertama dan kedua. bukan si awok yang berlagak pandai dan poyo tu. asal naik atas pentas asyik nak menyalak jer. awokkkkkkkkk, porahhhhh

zuLLicious! said...

oh my!

i hate tat shuffler num 2!
but, it's cool!
i still Akim big fan no matter wat!!!

jeremytuah said...

Zuraimah & Zul,
I hate and disappointed on the 'distorted' result of AF7.. its all becuz of that recyled student.. but we have to accept it rite.. it's okay.. let us show our support to akim for many years to come.. thanx for your comment..

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