Thursday, October 8, 2009

UNITAR Sabah RC - Enforcement of Dress Code

Bha... 2 all Unitar Sabah students, please be reminded that you are required to observe the dress code of the university.. the dress code can be found at

..I would like to highlight and emphasize that you are not allowed to wear slippers or any kind of sandals (for male students only).. NO short pants.. NO mini skirts.. All dress and skirts or pants should be below the kneecaps.. attire design should not reveal any area of your body which according of to the norms has to be covered.. etc (which can be found on the link above).

..Those who violated the code, you are not allowed to enter the classroom unless you balik and change your attire..

Why this rule???
Students’ Conduct and Attire guideline aims in defining the appropriate dress and attire that
should be worn by the students. It aims to protect the good name of the University and develop
an environment that encourage and motivate students throughout their learning process in the
University. The objectives are in line with University’s aspirations and vision as an educational
institution and center of knowledge.

** bagus ni.. so ikut kio... thanx..


SJB said...

i guess the student have no choice they have to follow (^_*).

jeremytuah said...

that's y they are call rule.. but student's nature is to break them as well.. wakakaka..

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

gadis borneo said... nopo kama...:)

sia pun unitar sabah jg...:)

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