Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'Massive op' to flush out Sabah's illegal immigrants?????

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'Massive op' to flush out Sabah's illegal immigrants

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will launch a "massive operation' against illegal immigrants in Sabah soon, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Wednesday.
He said all foreign nationals without identification documents issued by their own countries or by Malaysia's Immigration Department would be deported.
Speaking to reporters after chairing a Cabinet committee meeting on illegal immigrants in Sabah, he said he would meet with with Barisan Nasional leaders of the start before the operation gets under way.
The Deputy Prime Minister said the Government realised that illegal immigrants had become a serious problem and that the people in Sabah wanted it to be resolved effectively.

As a Sabahan myself, I am very grateful that the federal government shows some concern over this matter. Every genuine Sabahan knows how much we needed this kind of operation. There you go…. Our gov is our hero, they deserve a big hand from us…. *clap, *clap, *clap… lol…

Hmmmm… I wonder why I am not happy on the announcement made by the DPM moments ago. I did watch the news at Buletin 1.30 of TV3.

Deep down in my heart, I know that this is only an eyewash to regain the support of Sabahan, or in other words, they want the people to forget about the motion proposal by YTL. If I am not mistaken, the same government ever announced the same announcement few years back. I cannot recall the exact time, but one thing for sure is that they fail because I don’t think they sincere enough on the promises. Therefore, I don’t think they are sincere enough to tackle the problem this time either.

From my point of view, it is only an “OMONG KOSONG” and they don’t even discussed the matter.
That’s is why DPM said: “I would meet with Barisan Nasional leaders of the start before the operation gets under way”. It’s a delaying tactic. Let just wait and see whether the so-called “massive ops” exist or just another political gimmick. Maybe they will do 1 or two operations, which also can be doubtful.

Dear PM and DPM and cronies, once again I appeal to you, please be sincere and effective in handling the PATI issues. Please be specific and don’t just say ‘soon’. We have enough burdens on the fuel hike issues. We want guaranteed action on PATI.

p/s Sampai bila agaknya orang tulen Sabah terus menjadi penduduk asing di tempat sendiri. Teringat lagu ‘aku terasing di bumi sendiri’ yang sering disiarkan sebelum berita jam 8 malam di rtm1 dan rtm2 suatu ketika dahulu……T.T


Anonymous said...

last night when i heard Albar said that it was the cabinet decision and not from Najis alone, im very sure that this is the polimic actions in order that sabahans can forget what being urged by YTL, i will never trust this frog intention by federal unless they prove it as soon as possible and not before the coming!

jeremytuah said...

I try to think positive abt this matter and convince myself that they are really serious this time... but i can't agree more with u, anonymous.. we want to see action and we want continuos action not just talking....

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