Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something need to be shared to all Malaysian

Again the article below is something that all Malaysian should read and reflect on our future.
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What could the government do as the people are suffering from prices hikes?

It was reported that other than the federal government, state governments would also cut down expenditure. The whole country is now in the mood of saving money.

The practice of official extravagance has not been a secret for a long time. And now, it would be good if all government officers could follow the recent instruction to reduce expenditures. However, time has changed and the good old days are gone. As the country is now caught in the economic depression and that makes the people suffer, how could it help much only by reducing expenditures?

Don’t our leaders always say Malaysia is a paradise?

This paradise used to be the world's largest producer of rubber, tin, palm oil and pineapple. And our leaders used to be proud of the industrialization success. But such glorious days are gone.

Today, there is a dark cloud over the paradise. However, the paradise still has petroleum fields that brought a pre-tax profit of as high as RM86.8 billion to Petronas last year and the surge of international oil prices will definitely help its profits to substantially grow. However, as the international oil prices index keeps surging, the index of the people's happiness keeps falling.

By today's predicament, could we still catch up with the United States and other Europe countries? Could we still achieve the 2020 Vision?

It has nothing wrong to reduce expenditure as a response to the current economic crisis, but the problem is, how much money could we save? How could this contribute to the people's livelihood and the national treasury?

In fact, the people do not care about how many cups of tea the government officers drink, whether they are sitting in the economy or business class when they are flying abroad and whether they are riding in old or new cars. The people are more concerned about whether the government is working hard, whether it is efficient, whether it has the capacity to rule the country and whether it is serving the people and implementing policies to develop and enrich the country.

A trustworthy and good government should know how to reduce expenditure and at the same time, it should find new ways to raise revenue and create wealth for the people! (Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE)

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