Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol Season 8 -1st group performance

I kinda agree with Cowell that last night show hasn't really awed the audiences (be it as live audiences or home audiences).

Despite the average performances from the 1st group contestants, I personally have my own favorite tho', and for me the most outstanding performer last night was Danny who sang "hero' (oa: Mariah Carey).

In my point of view, this season of American Idol (season 8) was by mile (Simon's words) the best season ever. This season is full of strong contenders with great vocal and personality, which I think will be very hard to predict the Winner, or even the Top 12.

Having said that, I personally have my own favorite. I definitely choose Danny as the early favorite to be crowned as AI Winner. But we all know what happened to David Archuleta (in season 7), albeit being the most preferred winner, he lost surprisingly. The competition is still a have a long journey ahead and we all know how steep is their journey. It's not all about good vocal and great performance that count, but it's about consistency and enthusiasm that blend together with the latter and great personality, which will make Americans fall in love with the contestant.

Who will get through to the Top 12 from the 1st group???

My top 3 are:
1. Danny
2. Alexis
3. Tatiana (because of her determination..hehehe)

Well the result has been revealed, and here are the result:

American Idol First Top 3 for Season 8 (result by idol mania)

The 2-18-09 American Idol Season 8 Show revealed the first TOP 3 of the final Season 8 Top 12.

According to Reports, those that didn’t make it though tonight as well as ones that don’t make it the next two weeks will be in a “Wild Card Round” with a chance to fill out the final Top 3 of the Final 12.

Tonight the Top 3 are:

Michael Sarver

Alexis Grace

Danny Gokey

p/s I've got 2 out of 3...hehehe

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