Friday, February 20, 2009

One In A Million Season 3 - Top 12 concerts

It has begun and I feel awesome because i think by mile this is the best season ever. All of the contestants are very talented and have different styles and genre. Having watched the show tonite, I was so thankful that this time around, they seriously are looking for real talent. Having said that, I also have my own favorite and she is Esther, who happened to received the very 1st immunity. Yup, this season they change the format a bit by having immunity. This immunity will be given to the most outstanding contestant of the night, which automatically guarantee his/her place to the next round without going thru the elimination round. I kinda agree with this new format.

Let's talk about the performance tonite.

omg, pitchy all the way.. but very energetic. She didn't really feel the song.

Starting with a little bit shaky. Pitchy at couple of note. Wrong choice of song. And the biggest problem I had with Amylea (since AF) is her diction (for malay song only). But overall, I like her performance. Okay.

The guitar was his only distraction. He shouldn't play the guitar because he seemed like losing his focus on singing. Anyhow, he did a very good performance and great vocal too. Okay.

Very high confident level and has a very good voice. I like her performance.

Starting note..OUT.. Lower note.. OUT.. Pitchy from the 1st note. The song (If I were a boy by Beyonce) was a little too big for her and she shouldn't pick that song. Average performance.

Nice vocal indeed! Very different from the other contestant. But hardly hear what he was saying. Energetic performance and could be the dark horse of the competition.

Nice performance. I don't like the movement on stage tho'. Lucky because of the aura of the song which effect her performance. Okay performance.

The worst performance of the night! I don't like it from the moment he opened his mouth. Pitchy on the 1st note and only one word I will describe the whole performance: FORGETTABLE!

Great ballad singer. Great feeling. I was able to feel her but picthy here and there. Okay performance.

Wow! I didn't expected that from Tomok. He really a different singer in this competition. Syafinaz was right about the 'sengau' thing. I was amazed and shocked in the same time. I like how he begin the song but as it progresses, i hardly hear what he was saying. Anyhow, one of the great performance so far.

She deserved to get the immunity. She really was fantastic and she realy connected to the song. Early favorite to take home the title and grab the 1 million ringgit. MAGIC performance. Paul was right, she really make her audiences (be it at home or as live audiences) feels the song. I was so amazed! FANTASTIC!

To close the show like that..ermmm..pathetic.. i don't like his vocal at all. No originality on showmanship (tiru M.Nasir). I wonder how he won in AIM. Sorry Rizu.

My reader, just to remind you that the above critiques are solely based on my very own opinion. I don't give a damn if few of you may or may not agree with it. Hahahahha... Based on the 1st concert, here are my ranking:

1. Esther
2. Tomok
3. Simon
4. Aweera
5. Han
6. Ayu
7. Pija
8. Amylea
9. Fify
11. Rizu

Errmm.. so the person who will be leaving 1st is NINE.. but since he is a recording artist and has his own follower, and based on history on any reality show in Malaysia (which in opinion, biase and look more on good looking GUY), i guess its going to be Anith who gonna leave first. Let just wait for the result nect week (27th Feb). Till then.. bye..

p/s All pictures are taken from 8tv oiam..
To cast your vote,

type (YES or NO) / (YA or TIDAK)<space> <Contestant’s name> and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


Andrik McVean said... with your review..i agree with tiyr review...i think esther deserve to get the imiunity...i love simon and han..and tomok did so good also..

jeremytuah said...

HAhaha.. thanx.. I just say wuts in my mind... hehehe

zorro said...

ha! c tomok pun ada juga..ish..ish..ish..

confessions of a medical student said...

wahhh... u analyzed every contestant!

jeremytuah said...

ada jua tpi ok sua da nyanyi..

ya i did.. n i luv doig that.. lol

dBOS-fm said...

Nice review and thank goodness Esther is on top of the ranking. A close fight with Tomok I guess :-)

jeremytuah said...

Thanx dBos.. don't 4get to vote for Esther.. and hopefully she'll get the immunity every week..

Anonymous said...

Waduh2 ko jadi juri sudah kah ni? Esther from sabah jua kah?

jeremytuah said...


Ya lor.. juri talaat.. hahaha.. Esther org Tambunan bha tue..

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