Monday, February 16, 2009

Elizabeth Wong claims some unscrupulous people out to discredit her


Is that really her??? photo from here..

KUALA LUMPUR: Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong, whose nude photographs are being circulated, says she is a victim of unscrupulous persons who wish to embarrass and discredit her.

The Selangor state executive councillor also appealed to the media to give her and her family some breathing space “in this trying time so that I can weather this huge challenge”.

She said this in a statement which carried her official letterhead. It was handed to reporters at her office and also e-mailed to the media.

Wong said she was informed on Friday by journalists from a daily that they were in possession of intimate photographs of her and that the daily was about to publish a story about them.

“I was told that some people were trying to distribute photos or videos showing me asleep in partial nudity and also in intimate positions,” she said.

Calling the distribution and publication of the materials a malicious attack on her personality, Wong said it was a gross outrage of her modesty, a gross invasion of her privacy, and in particular the sanctity of her personal life.

“I am a victim in this incident,” she said, adding that she had lodged a police report on Sunday and would fully co-operate with the police in their investigation.

“I will therefore not speculate publicly about those responsible for this gross invasion of my privacy,” she said.

Wong said her family members were standing behind her and thanked her supporters, friends, colleagues and constituents for their support, concern and encouragement.

“I will, in the meantime, continue to carry out my task of serving the people of Selangor faithfully,” she added.

There is talk that the pictures might have been taken and circulated by an ex-boyfriend.

News by TheStar online..


zorro said...

sue the X boy..breaching privacy is an offense. pity her, want to be politician become porn girl..hahaha

jaytuah said...

Sepa suru bogel2 time hapy2 with bf dlu... hehehe... bha ko pun cek kalu2 ko pernah tangkap gambar/ambik video time "hapy2" dlu??? hehhehehe... manatau one day ko jadi menteri....

Andrik McVean said...

oppssss...sungguh memalukan...dan sebagai seorang ahli politik...ia amat memalukan

jeremytuah said...

Andrik.. indeed it is.. sangat sangat memalukan.. but guess what, its her own private life and last time i check she is single..

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