Monday, February 23, 2009

The nude pictures of Elizabeth Wong...

Police: Doctored pictures of Eli Wong going around

KUALA LUMPUR: Doctored nude pictures of Bukit Lanjan MP Elizabeth Wong are being circulated over the Internet and mobile phones.

City police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman, who acknowledged this, said police were collecting all necessary information pertaining to the case.

He said police believed certain parties were trying to take advantage of the situation following the recent circulation of Wong’s scandalous pictures.

“I’m warning those responsible to stop doing so,” he said at a press con­ference yesterday.

Meanwhile, on the latest development of the case, DCP Muhammad Sabtu said police had so far recorded statements from 12 witnesses, in­­cluding four reporters.

He also said that police were not rushing to record Hilmi Malek’s statement as they were paying more attention to finding out who was responsible for circulating Wong’s pictures.

Hilmi, Wong’s former boyfriend, is believed to be in Indonesia currently.

Last Friday, DCP Muhammad Sabtu said police believed the pictures were taken by someone known to the victim.

News by TheStar Online..

p/s To whom it may concern (lyke Zorro, Kg. Boy..etc..hehehe.. bukan lar bha kmu yg edar..).. And for those of you who did that, pls stop at once.. just put urself on her (Eli) shoe.. u definitely hate it if people keep on circulating ur 'nude' pix.. n to make thing worse, doctored it.. u should be ashamed of urself..

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