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One In A Million Season 3 - Top 11

Top 11 concert @ 27th Feb 2009

Hi loyal reader..

I'm back with my review on OIAM top 11 concert. Last night concert was so disappointing and none of the contestant's voice worth 1 million ringgit. Personally, I think none of them should be awarded the immunity, not even Amylea. If, and only if, the judges have to give away the award, then the real contestant should be Simon. I know, in term of pitch and vocal, Amylea seems more flawless, yet she didn't show any star value in her performance.

Elimination round. By looking at the bottom 3, one may guess the message rendered by Malaysian. We, as the audiences of OIAM, will not vote for existing celebrity to win the competition. Lucky for Amylea to won the immunity. However, I am not surprise to saw Ayu to be voted out. I don't think she will have great impact on the show tho'. Anyhow, how I wish its Amylea or Pija to be voted out.

Lets talk about each contestant's performance last nite. Song choice is the main factor that contributed to the boringness and excruciatingly concert.

I agree with Paul when he said that he didn't feel connected to the performance. Me either. A very disappointing performance with pitchy opening. Not as powerful as last week. And its because of her wrong song choice. Anyhow, she did OKAY.

Singing Getaran Jiwa with awful music arrangement. One word to describe her performance. OUT. Everything is not right. High note, OUT, low note, OUT, Opening, OUT, pitching ke laut cina selatan terus ke laut sulu, bergelora dan berbahaya kepada pulau Labuan. Song choice, OUT. Worst performance of the nite.

I like his song choice (Knocking on heaven's door). I really like his husky voice tonite. But i really hate the guitar in the performance. Its 2 consecutive weeks he brought the guitar with him. Nice vocal but bad showmanship. OKAY. Please get rid of the guitar and someone please hide his guitar, or better, throw it.

I begin to hate this guy. I hate his 'tahan-tahan tekak' voice. Starting jak dah out. Again, bad song choice. I really really really hate the live audience giving him a big applaud, which he didn't deserved to get, not even 10% of it. WORSE.

Boring song. Boring performance with no star value. Of course, no problem on pitching because her own song. Didn't deserved the immunity, in fact no one deserved it either. Just OKAY.

Weirdo. Hate his facial expression, very annoying. Weird vocal either (macam 80% suara hidung). Good vocal range tho'. Just OKAY.

I hate the music arrangement, weird. Again, another bad song choice. Boring performance. Didn't feel that she had connection with the song. Okay.

Starting note, OUT. It was an okay performance with no star value in it, nothing special with the performance. Again, didn't like the music arrangement. i wonder why the music arrangement tonite seems so weird. just OKAY. I hated the showmanship and movement of Tomok. I hated how he plays with his hand and the 'kangkang-kangkang' legs. lol.

LOL.. terbabas... For Sabahan, they call it 'terkiok' or 'terpeleot'. Another worst performance. I really really can't wait for him to stop singing. Really excruciating performance. What with the tears??? Cheap publicity i guess. I don't think it work man. Sorry.. but he deserved another round because he still have that special voice, but tonite, it just don't work.

I wonder why the judges said that her performance was okay. I beg to differ. It was completely pitchy all the way. Low note, out... I can't hardly hear what she was saying. High note, 'tidak sampai pun'.. Not Okay. But, one thing good about Pija was her energy level, which is so high. I like it.

OKAY performance. Better than last week. Just okay with nothing special that will make the audiences to remembered her performance. Forgettable I would say.

Overall, I would say that this was the most disappointing concert so far. None of them made us awed. Everyone picking the wrong songs that not suited to them and their voice. I couldn't give my ranking. Anyhow, my prediction for bottom 3 are;

Han, Nine, Pija

And the person that will leave next week is Han.

By the way, don't forget to vote 'YES' or "YA' for Esther albeit her not-so-good performance this week.

To cast your vote,

type YES<space> ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


Andrik McVean said...

yoyoyoy...lastly...I finished reading your comments. I agreed, the performance @ concert last night was really bad@worst@bored

jeremytuah said...

hi Andrik.. we havnt see the real competition yet... hopefully nxt wk onwards they all really show their real talent...

Admin said...

mimang tu si tomok...mimang mcm tu la..aaaaut...

jeremytuah said...

hi admin..

lol.. who did u vote???,... any review>>>

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