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Amylea OUT.. One In A Million (OIAM 3) Top 4 Show

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Hi loyal reader..

Firstly, again i like the introduction VT which make the show more exciting.. Full of suspense and drama.. secondly, I hate Awal's wardrobe... what the heck... so not fit with the theme, which was 'In-concert'.. His shirt was very brutal-ish, yet wore a shawl?????... But it is not our main concern..

Elimination round.. Bottom 2: Nine and Amylea.. OUT: AMYLEA... Shocked??? Nope... I was expecting Nine to be voted out, but as I have said last week, let's say NO to the existing artists.. Who go first?? Who cares??

Opening performance by Dafi and Shila was entertaining.. kinda AF vs OIAM.. Definitely Shila outperformed Dafi, vocally and stage present.. Anyhow, Dafi showed tremendous improvement on his voice ever since 'graduated' from AF... As the top 4 contestant joining them in, the performance became even greater and entertaining.. thumbs up guys..

TOP 4 Show..

Last nite, each contestant was given 4 minutes to performs 'in-concert' style, which mean, they are to figure out their own concert performance, be it in term of showmanship, songs selection, music arrangement, or even the props that they going to used.. Their performance is to attract and make the audiences feel like the real concert.. Let's see...

(Keroncong untuk Ana-M.Nasir)
He sang M.Nasir song with 3 different genre.. The opening gimmick was superb and nice; very sarawak-ish.. BUT he awfully hit his 1st note.. sumbang.. But he was able to picked up very fast.. Suddenly out of no-where, a group of 4 choir appeared with WHAT??? a plastic cup in their hand.. what was that for?? I don't get it.. candles?? I did not see any candle lit??.. The transition of genre in the middle of his performance was not smooth.. He even sang off tempo in the beginning.. Overall, he was good.. his performance was just okay.. but vocally not great yet.. too many annoying vibrator.. And i agree with Syafinaz, we feel bored at the middle of his performance..

(songs from Alleycats)
Emotionally.. He was great... He really feels and have connection with all the songs he sang.. Stage presentation was excellent.. it really shows how experienced-singer he is.. I really like his performance, the transition of song and music arrangement were superb.. But vocally, it was not great enough for the show.. And what Syafinaz said is true.. It was an expected performance, and i think it was corny as well.. He should give more on the unexpected elements in his future performance..

(One Night Only - Jennifer Hudson)
(malay song..hahaa can't get the title of the song - diva)
(Keeps getting better - Cristina Aguilera)
Props used (couch and picture of Paul Moss) were an excellent idea.. But I personally think that the 1st song is a wrong choice of song.. It was not great and didn't give a great impact to the audience.. But 2nd song with the used of Paul's pic was a very superb performance.. great drama and really entertaining, especially after what Paul said on her performance last week.. 3rd song shows how energetic she was and the connection she had with the song was undisputed.. It flows thru to the audience as well.. I can feel her.. Wah...

(Tak Ada Logika -Agnes Monica, and Emanipasi)
"Cinta ini..." that's how he started his performance and it was really off pitch.. But how he walked to the stage (from the audience) was really nice.. The lighting and the echo was really great.. he was lucky to be given all these extra 'help' because it really made his performance like a real concert.. BUT his performance on the 1st two songs was not great.. too many pitching issues.. He did not feel the songs.. He looked awkward and stiff.. with no facial expression that fit the songs.. It was really an amateur performance.. But his high note and the 'screaming' parts were excellent.. that was his strength.. He was good but lack of something that awe the audience, and i guess it was the 'X-Factor'..

Malaysia, come on and vote for Esther and Aweera to be in the Grand Finale this season.. As the show wanted to search for a real talent to promote them to become a successful artist, let us make 'Esther vs Aweera' final become a reality.. We want to see fresh and new talent rather that making existing artist to be an artist.. weird huh??

Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


roslan said...

nine survive the holocaust again!!!
blame it to my wife and girlfriend, they the one who vote yes for nine..
ha..ha...shit..i lost rm20 to my boss..

jeremytuah said...

Hahaha... pls tell them that the show suppose to look for a real talented singer, do not vote bcoz of their looks.. hahaha.. lets make sure nine out next week.,..

heWie said...

maybe bcoz nine's face looks like once, dewa19's vocalist and many dewa19 fans are voting him too (girls/boys)..and yeah, that is a bad judgment..

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