Friday, April 24, 2009

NINE out (**fuhhhh.....); One In A Million (OIAM3) TOP 3 Live Show

With due respect... at last Nine was voted out last nite, and this time Malaysia definitely got it 100% right, it should had happened lllllooooonnnnnnnggggg ago (when Rizu was eliminated in Top 6 show).. As I said before, I really wanna see new and fresh talent to be in the Grand Finale... Having said that, I don't like the idea of having either top 2 or top 3 in the grand finale.. Making it even worse by letting the audience to vote and choose their preference on the grand finale.. It is just pathetic..!!! Can't their decide on their own..?? It should be ONLY 2 contestant in the grand finale, why must 3??? I guess the motive behind this move is to maintain the top 3 regular fans' votes.. loosing one of them meaning loosing a large amount of profit... Come on Mr.Producer.. OIAM3 is at its best as per se, and no drama/hidden motive required...

Back to the show.. Marion look so hot and awesome last nite... her wardrobe was so gorgeous.. Awal?? Better than last week...


(1st Round)
Crazy in love - Beyonce
Pitching and vocal issues were very obvious last nite.. When i really listened to his voice, i found that he really pushing his vocal so hard to the extent of that it become awful.. Performance wise.. it was ok but kinda boring because he's been performing such performance for the past 4/5 weeks.. No new elements from him.. We have seen the same and monotonous Tomok for few weeks now... *duh...

(2nd Round)
Coba - Faizal Tahir
omg..omg..omg.. NERDY Tomok.. what the heck with that was really zillion times awful.. But his 2nd performance was great.. emotionally great.. connected well with the song.. the audience can feel it too.. I can feel it too.. It was superb performance from him.. memorable performance.. but pls do no cry.. it was not necessary..

Recommendation for Grand Finale:
*Pick moderate tempo songs that do not have high pitch, because Tomok sounded awful when pushing his voice so hard.
*do not cry.. it is unprofessional..

(1st Round)
Better In Time - Leona Lewis
This is her most memorable performance in the competition.. and last nite, once again she nailed the song.. emotionally great.. her strength is of course her emotion.. she really have the aura of being connected to her audience with her song... great performance from Esther.. luv it..

(2nd Round)
I Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
omg..omg..omg.. SAME outfit when she first performed the song in Top 8 show.. Anyhow, last nite she tried something new in her performance when she invited Rizu to dance with her on the stage.. it was a great move but pity because she did not make use of Rizu to add more drama and entertainment value, rather than just a dance... but overall, it was entertaining.. vocal wise..OK..

Recommendation for Grand Finale:
*Pick songs from Mariah Carey and/or Cristina Aguilera to show her true vocal..
*do not do unnecessary gimmicks pls...

(1st Round)
Gemilang - Jaclyn Victor
Speechless... not because it was good but because of too many pitching problem.. on the verge of 'sumbang'.. No more 'gemilang'.. but he improved a lot especially on his stage presentation.. he was more confident and looked comfortable on stage..

(2nd Round)
Aku Dah Bosan - Search
copycat 100% copycat of Amy Search and i hated it.. But his 1st note was brilliant.. it was really unique.. but as the song progresses, it became boring towards the end.. But again he nailed his last note with great high pitch.. vocally=copycat.. Performance=OK..

Recommendation for Grand Finale:
*Learn from Adam Lambert.. learn how he picked a song and changed it to suited his voice and vocal range.. Go and watch all his performances..
*more variations/elements needed in the performance..


Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399


type YES<space>WEERA and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


roslan said...

esther and aweera? come on jay...she could easily `makan' aweera. But with Tomok it's 50-50. My little sister begging me to loan RM19.90 for her to buy NEW BOYZ Karaoke CD during Tomok heyday with New Boyz (she still owes me even after she get married!!) get I mean jay?..Esther need to capture this kind of fanatic voter..
For least I dont have top up my wife phone anymore for her to

Anonymous said...

ajoshi.. dont think aweera knew who adam lambert is, sedih nya sy teda lg eye candy dlm ni show

hEwie said...

true..making it the possibility of 3 in the final and decided via online voting (if i'm not mistaken) will kill the excitement and sparks..

jeremytuah said...

Very true indeed.. one need to have fanatic voters to become a real superstar.. Tomok have had his heyday and why not we give chance to newcomers.. It is not fair for a newcomer to compete with those who have crafted their name in the industry.. that's my humble opinion..and hey we all have our own opinion.. yours are mostly welcome..

Aweera watched AI as well... wakakaka... Nine out and u sedih???... wakakakak...

Profit is more important i guess...**sigh

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