Friday, April 10, 2009

Simon Out.. One In A Million (OIAM) Top 5 Show

Again for two consecutive weeks, Malaysia wrongly voted out the wrong contestant.. After seeing the big voice Rizu out last week, last nite another great contender left the show. It was Simon who were voted out and I can't believe that Nine is still in the running.. It was such a shame that voters really looking at the wrong criteria in voting.. come on Malaysia, grow up!..

Back to the show.. Again, the intro clip was fantastic.. it was full of drama and suspense, which made me really excited and couldn't wait for the result and performances... When they announced the bottom 3, i was like so shocked seeing Esther in the bottom 3 together with Simon and the awful Nine.. Anyway I expecting Nine to go yet it was a complete disaster when the voters still want him in.. Simon going out.. he was way better than the wannabe Nine.. Simon final performance, was very emotional and he showed a couple of improvements especially in the stage presentation. Good luck Simon.. your husky and unique vocal is certainly your strength..

TOP 5 SHOW.. Last nite was Sheila Majid's songs week where the contestants required to sing her song.. Dato' Sheila Majid huh?? I did not know she is a DATO?? COngratez.. it seems that more and more celebrities were given the title.. good or bad?? Sendri mau fikir...

Amylea - Dia
I like the new and fresh arrangement.. very catchy.. yet overall, it just good and it wasn't great.. She's playing safe.. vocally, good..

Nine - Pengemis Muda
He was indeed 'pengemis' votes.. Low register, OUT,.. Something wrong with the performance, where the music was louder than his voice, can't really hear what he was saying.. Messy performance with a lot of pitching problem.. unoriginal voice or rather hypocrite performance.. no connection with the audience.. Overall, I WANT HIM OUT..

Aweera - Antara Anyer dan Jakarta
1st note, OUT.. Great pitching issue throughout the 1st verse.. Off tempo at the beginning at the song.. Anyway, his strength was really his high notes, which made him easily be remembered by the audiences.

Esther - Lagenda
Singing without music in the beginning of the performance was indeed not easy to get the right key.. but she was just amazing and superb.. she was fantastic.. her emotional connection was really her strength.. Paul however made some something-fishy-comments, which was really 100% untrue and driven by some hidden-motives.. How could he??? And yet he earlier compliment Nine??? I knew Paul has his own favorites..

Or to be positive..

Maybe Paul was not himself last nite.. Maybe he had set a higher bar for Esther, and expecting more and greater showmanship.. That is why even the boring and awful performance by Nine was considered GREAT by Paul.. Whatever...

Tomok - Aku Cinta Padamu
Same formulae, which i mentioned last week.. I felt boring with his style.. Improvement = NONE.. Nothing new in his performance..

Malaysia, STOP voting for all the existing artists in OIAM3.. Lets make way for a new and fresh talents.. Esther vs Aweera for the grand finale..

I just hope any of these three will be voted out in the remaining elimination rounds:
Tomok, Amylea, and Nine..
Who go first? Who cares?..

To avoid Esther in the bottom 3 next week.. please...
Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


cicak said...

Esther's performance last night was brilliant. But yet, I think she 'overdid' it just a little. But what the heck, it was great anyway.

I didn't recall any of the other contestants' performance. I did *really* watched Tomok but I think the only thing that is great about his performance was the song arrangement. The voice? Completely biasa-biasa je.

roslan said...

brilliant? i dont see any of the way she will survived..Nine perfomance is soooo boring......but there he is..still standing..let vote him out next offence..

jeremytuah said...

Esther was tooooooo creative maybe.. she need to lay back a lil bit.. i miss her effortless performance like what she did in the 1st two concerts.. Tomok?? I bet u've read my comment..

Agree on Nine..
Esther vs Aweera for grand finale..

Hahangai Avanus said...

I wonder if any of you watch Bintang RTM juga?? Heh.. Kita pnya org2 ada juga dlm cna...

I vote for Joanna Sue Henly Rampas..

Wuuhuuuu... I like....

jeremytuah said...

Hahangai, I only watched when she performed.. hahaha.. no need to votes yet cuz she manages to go thru to the semifinal.. I like her too.. unduk ngadau kan..

Indra Bekti said...

Warm greeting from Indonesia!

jeremytuah said...

Hi there Indra Bekti.. Welcome...

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