Friday, April 3, 2009

Rizu Shouldn't be voted out.. Malaysia get it wrong.. One In A Million (OIAM3) TOP 6

Hi all..

Firstly, again I would like to applaud OIAM for having a very nice and best opening montage (or rather opening vt).. it was full of drama and suspense, which made me really excited on the show.

Elimination round: As per my review last week, i really hope that Nine will be voted out. BUT I shook when they didn't called Nine to be in the bottom 3. Oh ye, Simon was there cuz i predicted him to be in troubled as well based on last week performance. Then they called upon Rizu and Aweera.. omg, I can smelled an upset going to happen..

As we all know, all bottom 3 contestants are unique per se and has a very great different-type of vocal.

As they announce Rizu's name as someone that will be voted out, i again shook my head.. i know Malaysia got it wrong as he is one of the strong contender of the show.. i know he will not win the 1mil, but its not the time yet for him to go.. he should be at least in the top 4.. It should be Nine.. ya NINE should go, Malaysia! Nine is nothing compare to Rizu.. Nine's vocal is ordinary and lots and lots and lots and lots of singer (or perhaps people) can sing as good (or as bad) as Nine.. pity for Rizu..

These were proven when Rizu sang his last performance last nite, which of course, vocally was very strong although the song is bad.. His vocal range was superb and extraordinary for a male singer. Nonetheless, I have to accept the majority's choice..


To begin, let me just extend my humble apology to the host, Awal, for labelling him as 'sissy' for i know it is indeed an offensive remark.. so Awal, I am so sorry.. In contrary to what i said before, he did a great job so far and i should have know the difficulties of being live show host..

Now to the performance.. At this stage, all contestants should be more focused and should come out with more extraordinary performance with a good song choice, because Malaysia know that all of them have great talent in singing with great vocal (except for NINE of course)..

Umbrella - Rihanna
AGAIN, he did exactly the same on last nite performance. Woman's song with faster tempo.. Good performance of course but vocally i would say it was just okay because there's nothing special in his voice. I don't like the 'male-voice' at certain part of the song which made me feel that some female song should'n't be 'transvestited'..wakakwakak.. Anyhow, i like the 'ella..ella..ella' part.. Overall, it was good and superb from him.. just be extra careful of doing something over and over again.. people might get bored..

Somewhere only we know-Keane (i hope i got it right!)
Amylea is a very good singer. Last nite thou' she was just being good with no extra ordinary vocal range and performance.. Not her best compared to what she did in the 'im yours' song.. As i said, at this stage they need to bombed us and make us feel awed..but she didn't.. it was just ordinary stage singing as in AF... The confidence level is great anyway..

Sweet about me-Gabrielle (I hope i got it right as well)..
Entertaining.. superb and vocally, no one can deny that she has a very unique and not-in-the-market-yet-vocal. She always suprised us with her props.. Last nite she showed her higher confidence level..BUT somehow i did not liked her performance.. maybe because of her song choice which seemed can't connect the audience very well.. Someone pls advise her on her song choice.. pick something that come from your heart and easily be transferred to your audiences..

Cinta gila - ???
Ah ha... this was the worst performance of the nite.. Still struggling with his song with pitching problems here and there.. Wrong song choice.. Star value??? NONE.. Definitely OUT next week...

Di Penjara janji-Awie
In contra with the judges, I actually like his song choice.. it suited his voice and vocally he was great.. very unique and cool performance.. BUT.. sadly, the judges was right on the 'calendar' tho'.. Aweera should have creatively changed the arrangement of the song that suited the taste of the current era..

Livin' On A Prayer-Bon Jovi
Better confidence level.. Still like his husky voice.. but of course lack of originality which is the most important element in the show to enable you to go further into the competition.. Vocally, he was great but need to put in some extra 'ingredients' in his performance so that his performance be remembered and have a great impact on the audiences.

Overall, TOP 6 show was the best so far and by thousand miles is much better than AF.. wakakwakakawa....OIAM simply the stage for the contestant to show their true colors and learn to be creative in their performances..

AND starting from last nite show onwards, there will be no more immunity to be granted to the best performer.. Please cast your votes to your favorite contestants.. Based on last nite performance, please vote for TOMOK, AMYLEA, ESTHER and SIMON.

Bottom 3: Simon, Aweera, and NINE (obviously)..

Voted out next week : NINE NINE NINE

AND (Since i am Esther's Fan)..
Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


Andrik McVean said...

what a pity he is OUT...he deserve at least in top 4.

jeremytuah said...

U read my mind..hhahahaha...

roslan said...

esther are good singer but honestly she will end up like suki. I bet esther and tomok will be in final..looking forward for your next post..

jeremytuah said...

Thanx for da comment.. But i beg to differ.. with due respect, Esther is by miles better than suki and have the determination to become a well-known singer..

HeWie said...

alaaa..i miss this week's episod (or should i say concert)ehehe..Rizu out? maybe some girls who voted him out doesn't like his facial expression too..kekeke..

jeremytuah said...

Hewie.. pity his voice is great..

SciaS said...

Oh dear...I hope people should by now vote for their talent and not judging their physical

Who said Esther is gemok? She is fine by me. Gemok or no gemok..she really can sing and perform!

Go Esther!

jeremytuah said...

But i don't think Esther is gemok.. she's cute bha n fantastic...

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