Monday, March 16, 2009

Akademi Fantasia now is really a fantasy.. what Transformasi??

I was called by my own instinct to write about AF7 although initially I find it is not worth-sharing to my loyal readers..

Firstly, "TRANSFORMASI"... what transformasi?? I didn't see anything was done that contributes to the alleged 'transformasi" (which should IMPROVE the show).. All i saw were stuffs that made the show more boring, more hancus and very stereotyping.. Where were all the elements that have been the identity of AF? What happened to the the theme song 'Menuju Puncak"?? Its weird because as if I was watching OIAM.. Where was the interview thing by the host before every performance?? What the heck with the stage that look very similiar to OIAM's stage.. What happened to the contestant's tagline?? Why is the lighting was so dimmmmmmm... theme color pun very weird.. hye come on Mr Producer.>.. What transformasi are u talking about?? Kalau pun nak buat transformasi, make sure they contribute to the quality of the show WITHOUT eliminating AF's Identity..

I read from that they are not ready to perform the theme song and they did not want the contestant come out with very funny tagline.. who is not ready??? the contestant or the production?? Sorry.. we don't buy ur cheap reason... first show without "menuju puncak" is enough to tell us (**sigh.. i ve been AF loyal fan..) that AF sudah hilang seri and they are not serious this year... all they care is profit..

Performance wise.. omg.. i really wanna puke.. menyesal betul tengok.. there were no quality at all and no star value.. first show of OIAM pun i already terangkat.. okay maybe i am too harsh .. got to admit that some contestants do have star quality and this season macam everyone can be a winner without someone yg macam mawi and stacy punya season dulu.. But the performance (last weekend) was not enough to prove on the transformasi.. they really exaggerating it.. Kesian that most of them pun talent very raw.. I wonder how did they passed through the 'strict' so-many-stages-audition? It is simply because our youth had shift their attention to other reality show?? So, yang tinggal for AF is the 2nd class talent?? Oppssss sory ya.. just wondering..

From my point of view, there are no such thing as not ready.. come on, AF has been the #1 reality show in the country and ada benchmark yang tinggi.. so to produce as last week concert is so not AF.. pity.. i just hope that concert #2 akan lebih better with real tranformasi.. and please put back all AF's identities...

No ranking this week cuz all contestants performed below par...

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