Friday, March 20, 2009

One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 8 show

Hi loyal readers, I'm back...

First of all, I love the montage of OIAM this season.. very catchy and fully mendebarkan.. It made you couldn't wait to see the contestant.. for me lar..

Elimination round: What??? Simon in the bottom 2?? Luckily he didn't voted out.. Come on Malaysia, lets put him through into the final together with Esther (the favorite), and Aweera(the underdog).. omg, i have revealed my top 3 finalists.. hhahahaha... Yup, that's what i think we should do.. let just give chance to the new and fresh talents in the industry rather than seeing existing artist become the winner of this season.

Anith was shown the exit by voters. That wasn't a shocking news.. i predicted it after all.. hehehe.. read here (kalau tak percaya lar...). One thing that made me grumbled was AWAL, the host.. Did u notice he said "Anith anda mendapat undian terendah minggu ini" then suddenly the background music changed and Marion said "Simon if u were voted out this week, you will be the 1st boy to be out....".. what the hell is that?? Awal2 lagi si Awal dah revealed the result... in case u didn't notice, nama pun Awal..hahaha.. i guess he baca script salah semalam.. so Awal, extra careful next time, you did spoiled the revelation of result semalam.. hahaha..

Opss.. i forgot about Anith.. Anith is a good singer yet not enough for the competition.. her final performance pun just Okay with capital O.. good luck girl..

For my loyal readers information, i never watched OIAM diaries thus whatever written here is solely based on the contestant performance regardless of their whatever-shown-in-the-diary..

They start the show with group performance and i didn't like it.. i want to see solo performance and not that stupid group.. This is OIAM looking for soloist talent.. Therefore, i don't give a damn on the group performance. AND I STILL DON'T LIKE THE HOST.. Marion getting better but Awal?????? I don't like his sissy postures and lenggang lenggok and siap lap2 peluh di dahi lagi.. omg... senyuman pun x ikhlas..

(THEME: OPPOSITE ATTRACT.. meaning the boys have to sing a song composed for woman singer and the girls vice verca).

(Gantung - Melly Goeslow)
Opening like lil bit off-pitch.. low register like not hit well.. it was an just okay performance and missing his star quality.. nothing special from his performance last nite. I have to agree with Paul that his performance was boring and forgettable.

(I'M yours - Jason Mraz)
I reckon that the opening was kinda ikut2 Simon's style last week, which Simon getting the applause from the judges.. but on Amylea, nah...... it was boring.. on her performance, it was a very entertaning and i like the arrangement.. it was a very good performance with great vocal but the only problem was her sebutan which i cant really get what she was saying.. like she mumbled all her words..

(Tiada lagi-Mayang Sari)
I expected mesti copycat Amy Search nie, when the host announced the title of Aweera's song this week. uhmmmm... betul2 juga lar.. I don't like the whole performance, no originality, very the AmySearch-ish.. Pitching problem pun masi ada lagi.. but luv the high note which he hit well.. Amy sang it better than Aweera (of course maaaa..).. Sorry Aweera.. you will be in the bottom group (bingung sua bottom apa.. 2, 3, 5..) next week.. Tambah2 lagi u were showing ur Perlis'flag.. what the heck with that cheap publisity.. that will contribute to your 'OUT WEERA'.. Malaysia are watching the show man, bukan orang Perlis saja.. everyone luvs their country...

I tot it was like no-aura-Fantasia Barrino performance, but for a guys doing that??? .. ehmmm faham2 lar.. Problems on low note but have a good high register.. very annoying performance.. mcm biasa maybe because of his facial expression.. Vocally, he was great but I have to agree with Paul and Syafinaz, he is indeed WEIRD... lol, mo mati sudah sa ketawa when Jay2 ask Rizu on the 'akil baligh' thing.. omg it was indeed made Rizu more weirdo....hahaha.. Sori Rizu, u are one of a hell great singer but you need to do something about your wierdo expression...

(When you're gone-Avril Lavigne)
A lil bit shaky on the opening line.. wierd arrangment on the bridge of the song.. vocally, it was nice but like something missing in his performance.. kurang menyengat this week.. lacking star quality as the judges said.. and of course please do something on your dress code.. macam pergi jalan2 di pasar malam.. huhuhu... Anyhow, I still like your husky voice..

(Pria Terhebat-Sheila on 7)
First note 'HEBAT' pun dah OUT.. Just an okay and boring performance.. forgettable.. no originality, and 'macam berlakon' saja performance si Fify nie.. no sincerity.. ending pun pitchy.. i guess she has the chances of voted out next week.

He is definitely getting better and better every week.. A very entertaining performance but vocally belum great lagi because i can hear pitching problem here and there.. Cuma belum ada wow factor...

(Won't go home without you-Maroon 5)
SUPERB.. FANTASTIC..BRILLIANT... that was a very high star-quality performance.. very cheeky and i love how she moved and used every inch of the stage.. She definitely has the 'wow' factor that this show looking for.
However, with that kind of benchmarked, will she be able to maintained and sustained her performance for the remaining weeks?Let just hope she will be able to do it..

As expected, Esther once again claimed the award. She definitely deserved it.

As for my bottom 4, here are they:
Simon, Fify, Aweera, and Rizu(because of his bow-tie..hheheh)

Fify definitely will be the one voted out next week..

AND please cast your vote on your favorite and deserved-your-vote contestant. I would like to suggest that you vote YES to SIMON, and OUT to RIZU...

To Esther's voters.. cuti this week.. save credits.... till then...


Anonymous said...

AWEERA the besttttt..!
TOMOK is worst

Andrik McVean said...

nasib baik esther dapat x perlau lah kita undi for next week. save our cridet kan??? heheheheh...very good..and esther did a wonderful job last her performance

jeremytuah said...

Well we all have our own opinion.. thanx 4 the comment..

Its not nasib baik.. hahaha.. she deserved it so much..

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