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One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 10 show

Last nite performance could be the best show so far. And I am glad that my prediction (Top 11 review here) on who will be voted out was absolutely bull eyed. Nonetheless, only 2 out of three prediction on bottom 3 was correct albeit last nite instead of bottom 3, they have bottom 5. And all in the bottom 5 were as predicted. I have to give Han a round of applause tho' for her final performance. She really nailed that song although she didn't manage to hit the high note well. But I still think that she did outstanding.
As i said earlier, last nite show was the best show so far for this season, where each contestant begin to shows some enthusiastic performance.

As usual, the person who got the immunity last week will be the 1st to performed. I guess its an disadvantages on getting immunity, because to perform first require additional confidence level and one need to really nailed the song. Unfortunately, Amylea didn't. I heard she mumbled all the way through and I can't hardly hear what she was saying. Just okay performance with nothing special to it.

He's been awful for couple of weeks. Nothing to be proud of on his performance this week either.
I didn't agree with the judges. I think, most of the time he sang pitchy and didn't show any star value. NOT OKAY. BIASA jak..

This was the worst performance of the nite. Starting note, OUT. No confident at all. Lost focus in the middle of the song. Pitchy all the way through and to worsen the performance was when she sang it out of tempo. No dynamic a.k.a flat performance. Annoying body movement and awful dress (mcm org kampung.. and omg look at her hair... OUT next week.

Still loves his husky voice. Really make you relax. Performance without playing the guitar, ok apa.. But overall performance was not so good. His showmanship was bad and obvious enough that he didn't enjoy his performance. Movement was so stiff and mcm terpaksa jak ke hulu ke hilir. No wonder he always have his guitar with him when performing on stage, to hide his awkward body movement rupanya. But still his vocal is his main strength.

Just an okay performance. No Star quality and she didn't really hit the high note. It was boring and forgettable.

I got to admit that he performed well and showed some star qualities. Nevertheless, I hate to look at his facial expression. Very annoying indeed. His vocal is so different to the extend that I thought mcm sengau all the time. Hated his performance.

Another out of tempo performance. Pitchy (sumbang maut) during the verse part. Although she maintain her great energy level, she had problem with diction this time. I don't understand what she was saying. And i definitely agree with Simon that Pija look very hypocrite. Be yourself Pija.

I don't understand why did the judges picked him as the immunity recipient. He sang awfully albeit that he showed some boldness in taking the Gemilang song. Can't they hear the 'terpeleot' voice in the middle of the song? Even starting note pun sudah ke laut. He was pitchy here and there. And he was screaming for Christ sake... I know I said he could be the dark horse of the competition, but last nite show didn't approve that. Judges, i beg to differ.. Mentang2 Jac was there.. Think abt it, If last nite were the finale, do you think he deserve the crown...? Peliiiizzzz..

What can I say??? Everything was so perfect. Perfect pitch, perfect voice and very soulful. No one can deny that she has the aura that no other contestant have. I just love it but got to admit with Safinaz tho' that Esther need to control her performance because sometime she seems of overdoing it.. anyway, great performance.

He really a different person in this competition. I like his performance. The most outstanding performance of the nite in term of stage presentation. He has great star quality on stage and his gambled by taking beyonce's song really paid off. Energetic performance by Tomok. The only thing that spoiled his performance was his diction. He sounds awful singing an English song. hahaha...

AS for the immunity, I explained earlier why Aweera didn't deserve it this week. I think it should be either Esther, Tomok or Rizu (ermm.. I hate Rizu but he performed well this week.. sigh). Having predicted correctly last week, I bet that the bottom 5 this week are as follows:

Fify, Anith, Nine, Simon, and Pija.. (***luckily Aweera got that not-so-deserved immunity.. kalau tidak, he will be in the bottom 5 as well..)

And the person that will be voted out next week will be FIFY.... bye Fify...

Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


Andrik McVean said...

wah...i love esther so much..i think if aweera didin't get the immunity i would like to give it to esther or tomok....i somehow disagree with the judges about aweera but what to do??? aweera did a great job last night even though a bit sumbang...but as a guy singing a girl's song and a big song...i still consider it was a great performance from aweera..

jeremytuah said...

couldn't agree more with u Andrik.. don't forget to cast u vote ya..

lovely said...

like Paul Said...
aweera's performance have a climax..!!

That song have a very high range.. and aweera hit the notes very well.. and just a little problem on one part of the song..!!!

others also doing great last night.. but, the song that they choose doesn't give a very large impact to the audience..

jeremytuah said...

it maybe true.. but as i said if last nite were the finale, they got the winner wrong.. in any singing competition, once u sumbang even a bit, u cant not win..
anyway, thanx 4 ur comment..

gfxfree said...

nice blog and nice post . Thanks for yous hard effort

Grand Paragon said...

nice post ....
keep a good work :)

Anonymous said...

Buli tahan ko pya comment ni.. Teruskan :D Sya teda tingu ni minggu sbb ada hal tapi dari mula sya tingu si Esther perform, mmg originallah bah dia pya performance tu... nampak terlebih tapi mmg itulah bah stail si Esther.. Keep it up girl!! Do Sabah proud once again!

jeremytuah said...

thanx so much.. keep in touch ya..

Grand Paragon,
Thanx as well.. pls visit me regularly ya.. i will do the same...

Haha.. dari mata seorang penonton jak bha tue.. tv jak lai tue.. memang ori bha si Esther.. sa pun minat nie.. i like her style.. jgn lupa vote ya.. thanx 4 visitng me.. come again..

Johnny Ong said...

wow, u really have time to analyse such event .....

jeremytuah said...

lol.. luckily it start 9.30pm n Friday some more.. ngam2 coming back from my fri routine.. hehe... thanx 4 visiting ya..

dbos-fm said...

I think it's either Fify or Anith is out this week

Anonymous said...

aku rasa ko ni ada cita2 mau jadi joe lee or vernon but unfortunately u're not as articulate la

jeremytuah said...

Ya i know i am not that articulate.. but i don't have that cita2 to be like those who have been so otai in the industry.. it just my humble and own opinion..hehehe.. whether or not u understand it is very much secondary to me..

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