Friday, March 27, 2009

UPDATED-One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 7 show

Hi loyal reader..

Let just go directly to the show last nite.. Elimination round: Fify out..!! No big deal.. I've predicted it after all.. (review here)! I am so proud of myself for being right for 2 consecutive weeks.. I can be guest judge suda (hahaha..perasan!). Well, you do not have to be professional singer/musician/composer/(..whoever lar yang ada education or experiences in this industry) to know who will be voted out this week.. unless of course ada 'sponsorer/s'.. Fify final performance pun tak OK..

Mmmmpphhh... this season, we started off with 7 girls and 5 boys in the final round. Now, we are down to ONLY 2 girls and STILL 5 boys.. What does it implies??? I have few hypotheses here that I would like to share;

1) More girls are watching the show than man.
2) REAL man do watch (like me..hahahah) but they did not vote..hahaha..
3) Most girls vote based on outlook (handsome, cute, whatever...) rather than talents (errmmmm..thats explained why Nine is still here..**sigh)
4) ermmmm...fikir sendiri lar...

Girls, no offence ah... you may have your own hypothesis, let me know..

Back to the show.. I would like to give a round (or 100 rounds) of applause to the production team last nite for serving us with a very great Top 7 show. It was indeed the besssssttt concert so far, in term of show's creativity and the elements included. Thank god.. Awal and Marion improved a lot especially Awal.. He did not overdoing his part and his 'sissy' style was no more to be found. Bravo Awal!! (**mcm Awal baca pula kritikan saya minggu lalu kan..perasan lagi!!). I like how they teased the contestants and i also like the 'main kena-kena' between Marion and was just fantastic.. Overall, i really enjoyed the show last nite. (But the unwanted background when Marion/Awal introduced the next contestant was so like horrible.. and Rizu passed by in front of the camera pun a lil bit awful..) Anyhow, I still think it was a fantastic production.

HOWEVER.... performance wise...??? omg..the contestants' performances a bit dull and boring.. At this stage of competition (as said by the judges), what more important is to show their x-factor and come out with a solid and fantastic performance because we all know, vocally, they are good.. (except for Nine and Aweera).

Singing MCR's I don't love you should be an advantage for her due to the song's popularity.. I am MCR's die hard fan and I really really really love the song. Unfortunately, she killed the song completely..She did..!! And I am a lil bit disappointed. The arrangement was so BORING (with capital B).. What the heck was that.. some song shouldn't be changed thoroughly for you might accidentally omitted the strength of the beautiful-song... and sadly 'I don't love you' was brutally killed last nite.. Vocally, we know Esther was good and perfect tho'.

I do agree with the judges.. Nothing special about his performance.. Vocally, he was good but the song itself is boring thus made him looked so boring... Wrong choice of song.. But I have to applaud him for being less annoying..hehehe..

It was really a karaoke performance from him.. He's a good singer but lack of confidence and no star value on the appearance.. do something lar Simon.. change your outfits for the sake of the competition and do not be so stubborn to maintain your ugly outdated fashion and appearance... really sayang lar your great and pleasant commercial-voice... Remember the show is looking for a current-star and not some sort of low-profile kind of entertainer..

I like his song choice which is a crowd-pleaser kind of song.. It was an energetic performance.. but vocally, it was not OKAY.. I know he has a great high pitch vocal but last nite it just didn't showed..

Singing her own song was indeed a wrong strategy.. at this stage she should sing a song that challenged her voice range and capability.. Vocally memang okay but as i said it was just okay.. biasa-biasa je and sometime i felf boring.. it was completely forgettable performance..

Bad song choice.. hate the song as well.. hate his movement on stage as well.. very annoying and unoriginal.. corny performance.. sometimes looked like wannabe kind of person.. Publisiti murahan lagi!!!! I thought i was watching BersamaMu TV3...

Macam wannabe jugak Tomok ni.. nyanyi lagu Syafinaz.. kinda brave but idiot song choice.. I was kinda confused.. macam suka macam lebih banyak tidak suka pula.. to get immunity last nite was completely a joke.. but hanya jauhari sahaja mengenal manikam (**hmmm betul ka peribahasa I ni??)..

There you go... if i were the judge for last nite show.. i will not grant any of them the immunity.. they just don't deserve it .. OK ape if no weekly winner, it could be interesting as well...

Based on last nite concert.. the person that will be voted out next week will be the awful and wannabe NINE..

But anything could happen.. Simon and Amylea are also in deep trouble..

And since i am STILL Esther's fan..

Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


heWie said...

although i don't like even a bit of tomok, but he did well with the song. but for me, he still didn't deserve the immunity..none of them all should have that night..biasa2nya ja suma..

jeremytuah said...

Betul tu Hewie... Tapi OIAM jauh lebih baik drpd AF7.. huahuhaahhaha

WomanVoice said...

m a girl but i dun vote coz of the looks. y r this girls so dumb??? asyik2 nak vote for the af juga.....ermmmm cian2 our idustry

jeremytuah said...


Kan bagus kalu all women think like you do..

Anonymous said...

Singing his own song was indeed a wrong strategy.. at this stage she should sing a song that challenged her voice range and capability.. Vocally memang okay but as i said it was just okay.. biasa-biasa je and sometime i felf boring.. it was completely forgettable performance..

-no harms,no hates,jz correcting-

jeremytuah said...

thanx anonymous.. corrected it..

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