Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perak drama... Is This How We Potray Malaysia?

It is indeed, I would say, the most embarrassing moment for Malaysia as a truly democratic country (**as some of our leaders claimed). It is by hundreds miles the worst democratic practice compare to the many other practices or events (such as The downfall of PBS in Sabah, The Terengganu 'Binatang' issue, to named a few..)

It all started during/after the GE2008, when the then government (of Perak) lost. To worsen the scenario, the present government of Malaysia had lost 5 states to the opposition alliance, and lost 2/3 majority in the Parliament. From that moment, a lot of things happening, not only in Perak, but in Malaysia as a whole. Political scene in Malaysia has completely changed and continuously evolve. We are serve with a lot of issues, which obviously very confusing.

To name a few: The pro-gov medias kept on telling us(the rakyat) that they(PR) did not actually won the 5 states, but (from their point of view) the rakyat had no choice (general term: still with BN but rejecting the President of BN). Came Anwar (again!); he claimed that he had enough 'hoppers' to form a new government. Terengganu issue:'Binatang' word that 'hurt' a lot and lots of 'berhati mulia' rakyat. Then, the by-elections in several constituties, a lot of dramas and issues, but still the rakyat has spoken. A lot, and i really mean a lot, issues and events served to the rakyat.

Frankly speaking, we understand why these two big parties keep on rising up issues in order to be seen as hero to us. That's the art of war in politic (I would say).

Interestingly, both parties, in order to gain as many supporters as possible, ventures into new approaches. They begin to sneak into others private life and exploring and exposing a lot of not-so-shocking news (well, its private life, who cares?). Certainly the most obvious and pathetic approach is by abusing power and exploitizing their power capacity/capacities. For instance, the abuse use of Acts and Laws (which obviously beyond my credibility to discuss further), and the emerging of new laws (*of course I never heard this law before..).

And now, we are very privilege indeed to be in Malaysia today to witness the most historical moment of democracy practise in our beloved not-so-democratic country. Apparently, we will never heard any government holding their assembly under a tree. At least, the positive thing about this is, we successfully promoting Malaysia to the eyes of the world. The impacts of these scenario, whether negative or positive, is very much secondary, at least for the moment.

To both parties,
Please and please.. stop this drama at once. You are (or we are) potraying a very bad image of Malaysia. If the USA potraying the political scene towards better evolution(of course shocked juga lar when Obama become the first black President), why are we facing the other way round?

The rakyat become more confuse with the latest showdown in Perak. Your party says you are lawfully right, but the other party says the same thing.

Why can't we just hold a fresh state election and let the rakyat (who FYI are the right decision maker) decides on who has the right to form government.

There's a lot of other important things that need to be attended and required much efforts from the politicians. Economic crisis which begin to pressed the rakyat is far more important than your thug of war in Perak. We want a true hero that can help us to ease our life and not to confuse us with all these political-drives motive.


zorro said...

Well done my fren..i give u A+ for this article. congrats..congrats..

Johnny Ong said...

there's this saying .... if u want to know more abt yr family tree, be a politician then

jeremytuah said...

Kampung2 bha nie.. tengkiu jua lar..

lol.. i want to be then...thanks 4 droping me lines..

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