Saturday, March 28, 2009

Akademi Fantasia 7 semakin hambar di Konsert ke 3

Don't you miss the previous AFs??? I do...

Last nite concert (Konsert ke 3) yang bertemakan musik Retro 80an was the most boring concert.. All the songs selected by the so-called 'faculty' were mostly boring and monotonous, with non-energetic melody.. AND blended together with the underperformed and non-energetic, and uncreative, and not-so-talented (yet) contestants...THUS we were served with the most excruciating performances..

Nonetheless, i have to give credit to the accapella Menuju Puncak which i think was beautifully performed by the finalist.. The vocal seemed flawless and i did not even hear any off-pitch notes.. it was just so harmonious and they did it like a professional choir group with thousand times of rehearsal.. for that i applaud them.. yet again why didn't the camera zoom any of the contestant?? It made me wonder whether they really sang it live or just doing a miming??

I am glad as well when the camera began to zoomed-in the live audiences closer (compare to previous concerts) and the 'faculty' (hate to called them that... just like so-not-AF..), as if the producer heed my call (read here).. hahaha..perasan... BUT again tiba2 last week concert ada background professional dancers mengiringi the contestants.. AGAIN, i did mentioned this matter.. (waw.. macam kana baca saja blog sa ni..hahaha perasan lagi!).

Now, lets go to the contestant performances..

Ada off tempo sikit.. Breathing problem yang obvious, unoriginal.. corny, and nampak terseksa nyanyi lagu pawana nie..

Problem on low notes,.. monotonous song (which is not his fault of course), it was a pleasant song but not fit for singing competition..mcm lounge performer.. BUT i like his husky voice which is very commercial.. should be more creative on boring number like that..

High note tiada ummpph But NICE vocal..

Starting jak suara mcm tersengeh-sengeh..High notes really OUT, bad song choice (opsss.. not their selection), flat.. tiada kreativiti untuk mencantikkan lagu.. BORING!

Really really sumbang on low notes.. movements on stage was awkward.. a lil bit like wannabe.. falsetto on the last note was completely a disaster.. omg, the foundation applied on his face was like opera-tidak-jadi.. make-up artist FAIL..

Starting OUT which i think due to his mind emphasizing more on the choreograph.. anyhow, i like him.. very fun performance and he really has a unique and husky voice,.. the only thing that he lacking of was his confidence, which was very obvious and portrayed on his expression..

Low note ada big problem BUT she redeemed it with a good stage presentation.. vocal was so-so with no star value (yet)..

Nice performance.. nice vocal.. but lack of energy (semput bah..).. Rap part memang best..

Another boring performance with lack of vocal charisma.. he just don't have the look and stlye to become a singer.. poor.. What the heck with his make-up..HANCUSSSSS... Mcm 'sissy'.. MAKE-UP ARTIST - FAIL FAIL FAIL

Wannabe performance.. But at least he showed his utmost effort which was bad because it looks like he was unoriginal.. very corny performance with capital C... His facial expression was very annoying..

She really has a major problem on her low register..can't even hear what she said.. another boring performance.. FLAT..and STIFF.. dancers really look macam clowns..

Soft voice but nice.. yet belum outstanding.. macam ringan sangat for the song..Vocally, memang almost perfect.. but she need to hide her nervousness shown on her face..

He really the savior of AF7.. Great connection with the song.. although ada slack on his dance.. He was indeed the winner of the Nite..

Overall, i would say that almost all contestants are uncreative in formulating their performance and trapped in the song itself.. they didn't dare to challenged themselves.. that's why their performance become boring and non-energetic..

OBRI and RINI going out.. who cares???


Anonymous said...

Watch AI lah ..lagi umpphh ...

jeremytuah said...

I did but time diff didn't permit me to write something abt AI.. And I love watching AI.. My fav singing compttn..

dbosfm said...

I have problem with the stage. They should bring back the old setting

jeremytuah said...


Obviously, they have problems with a lot of things..

Anonymous said...

Obviously none of themare aby better from the past years contestabts, Sekurangnya yg vocal tak hebat dulu pun was quite entertaining... This season hanchuk~

Dah 4 concert..on;y concert pertama yg quite interesting.

Lain kali pilih pelajar yg sesuai dgn mission statement season tersebut dari segi kekuatan mental, kemahuan diri utk excel , emotionally strong, ada daya creativity,fun dan interesting personality.

Pemilihan tahun ini macam pilih AF1 dulu..Vince sorang yg outstanding..yg lain-lain just filllers. We saw this type again this season.Crowned sajala Isma tu just like Mawi dulu. Zaman kemelestan ekonomi tak perlu tunggu sampai hampir 3 bulan baru nak announce Juara.

jeremytuah said...

Mungkin AF dah terlalu lama di Msia so expectation org ramai suda terlalu tinggi.. so yg setakat ala kadar tue bgs jgn ambik la...

And... Isma tak layak juara lar cuz teda aura sang juara...

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