Friday, March 13, 2009

One In A Million Season 3 - OIAM Top 9 show

What the heck.. all the girls are in the bottom 5 this week?? Come on Malaysia, you must be kidding! I bet it was not based on votes percentage rather they just wanted to show that all boys are through to the next round of the competition.

Hello loyal reader,

Let me just begin this review by criticizing the host. Personally, I hate on how they handled the show. Firstly, they don't look natural on stage but seems to me that they have been rehearsing it for like zillion time. It was boring because they looked like robot. Don't get me wrong, i did not mean that rehearsal is bad, but this is live show (for christ's sake...!!).. be natural and try to make the show happening. (This is why Aznil is still the #1 host in the country). Secondly, they tried to drag the time in revealing the elimination result, and guess what, it ain't 'mendebarkan'.. extremely excruciating... sorry.. (oppsss Paul said a real man never apologize.. so forget about my 'sorry'..hehehe).

Pija voted out.. shocked?? nope.. in contrary.. i don't like her.. she is so hypocrite (as per my review last week).. Even though i predicted that Fify will be the one to be voted out, i also predicted that pija will be in the bottom 5. On her final performance... ermmm.. that performance was a prove that she is not that superstar.. sharp a little bit and pitchy here and there.. Anyhow, all the best Pija.. You has a great husky vocal but haven't used it properly..

I would like to remind my loyal reader that whatever being written here are solely my own opinion and do not have the attention to discredit anybody (especially the contestants), and nothing personal.. They were based on my own not-so-professional opinion, but as someone who has been the loyal fan of the show (OIAM).. and as a home viewer.. **sigh.. i wish i were there every week as live audience..

Theme for tonite show is 'the songwriters' week', so i expected something great will happen.

As immunity winner last week, he had to start the show. And he did awful.. He started with a lil bit out of tempo that jeopardized his whole performance. He forgot his lyrics and that was really bad too.. he sounded funny tonite cuz i thought i heard 'sengau' and kinda 'meneran suara' like someone in labor.. didn't have the 'jiwa' needed for the song.. boooooooooo.... =suara hidung...

(Yang pernah-Estranged)
1st line saja dah lari pitching ke laut cina selatan.. Hate the guitar cuz it doesn't even help her performance. What the heck with the tatoo on her face.. looked ugly.. it was not so her.. The falsetto was so excrutiate to hear.. I don't understand why did the judges liked her performance.. For me it was rather boring and forgettable..

(Kalis Rindu-Aidit Alfian-Elyana)
Surprisingly, I love her performance tonite although kinda agree with the guest judge, Mr. Fauzi Marzuki that there were no originality shown on her performance. Blame it on Aidit whose ego is so like gunung Kinabalu.. What can we do, he owned the song.. Nonetheless, I like her showmanship tonite and i like the cheeky performance from her.. the song suited her so well. Overall, good performance.

Awal... Awal.. what a stupid joke about the 'kalis peluru' thing.. Hey, come on.. it was not funny AT ALL.. it sucks.. he laughed on his own not-funny-at-all-joke ALONE.. wakakaka... Once again, the host were so like robots.. Mr/Mrs Producer, please change the host..

Back to the performances..

(Cinta-Andy Flop Poopy)
He look like a 'soft-guy' in the VT shown.. On his performance tonite, as usual he is still annoying and irritating guy.. his expression (of face) was so weird.. No problem on the vocal tho'.. except for the low note where he like so tenggelam.. I didn't like the arrangement of the song, just like what Paul said, the song was transformed into something that was not so close to the original song in term of melody lar.. and i thought i heard like Zainal Abidin Hijau yang nyanyi.. sounded like zainal-ish.. Anyhow, okay lar tue..

(La la la Kerjalah-Meet Uncle Hussein)
First and foremost, i hate the song choice..Of all the songs composed by MUH, why picked that lousy song.. Kesian Tomok.. BUT.. one thing about Tomok is that whatever song he sang, he really feels the song and made the song as his own song. For me, he is one of the contestant who shows consistency in their performances. Again tonite he spectacularly nailed his performance (although the song is not so syok). Overall, it was the best performance so far (tolak the lagu only lar..)

(Mungkin-Pacai-Anuar Zain)
WRONG CHOICE OF SONG.. Again.. WRONG CHOICE OF SONG.. Pitchy all the way through.. Weird and extremely painful melody at the beginning of the song.. shaky vocal.. and true enough that the song was by zillion miles was too BIG for her.. no one and i mean it.. no one can sing Anuar's song as good as Anuar.. Anith looked so tertekan and pity on her.. It was the worst performance of the nite and I guess it will be the end of her journey in OIAM.

(Aku & Kamu-Andy Flop Poppy)
I couldn't believe it that I'm going to say this: He performs well tonite. But I also agree with Fauzi that there were no originality in his performance. Vocally, he was okay except on the horrible falsetto. And his sebutan also like so minta puji when he pronounced cantik as 'santik'... wkakaka..And..labelling him 'sexy' (Marion yg cakap).. omg.. PEEEELLLLLIIIIZZZZZZ!!!!.... Overall, great performance (once again, i couldn't believe i said that..huhuhu)

Save the best for last.. that's what i thought when they let Esther and Simon to perform as the final two. Check check check it out...

(Dialah diHati-Aidit Alfian-Dato Siti Nurhaliza)
She never dissapointed us.. Once again she nailed it.. cuma ada slack in the beginning of the song where i hardly hear what she was saying and like out of tempo sikit.. But I definitely agree with Syafinaz that ada kureng sikit her performance tonite. It was beacuse that the the performance was like so not Esther that we know..Once again, blame it on the ego Aidit Alfian... He intentionally limits the aura of Esther by not giving her the freedom to sang the song in her own way.. Anyhow, i still reckon Esther's performance as great..

(Generasiku-Audi Mok-OAG)
Another great performance of one of my favorite contestant.. The opening was so creative and so brilliant.. His husky vocal and tone is so lovely and i thought it was so commercial.. Although the song didn't really challenge his vocal range, he manage to shows his superstar quality.. way to go Simon..

After seeing every contestant performed, my top 4 contestants that should be considered as immunity winner were Tomok, Simon, Esther and Nine (omg.. why Nine is And when the judges announced Tomok as the winner, i felt so sorry for Esther for losing not because of her onwself but mostly because of Aidit, the ego composer. Anyway, I agree with the judges tho'.. Overall, i reckon that tonite show is the best show so far..

I almost forgot, my bottom 5 this week are: Aweera, Anith, Amylea, Fify, and Rizu..

And the person that will be voted out next week will be Anith...


Don't forget to cast your vote on Esther..
type YES<space>ESTHER and send it to 33399

(RM0.50 per MT received. Normal telco charges apply. Helpline: 03-20803366 (9am-6pm)


Andrik McVean said...

blame the composer sebab bagi limiation to the contestents...i hate the contestent..memang patut syafinaz cakap cm tuh and padan muka komposer tuh malu dia di TV

jeremytuah said...

lol.. i agree Andrik... mmg Aidit terlalu 'sayang'kan melodi asal dan originality of his song.. nasib lar mereka yg dpt lagu dia... anyway don't 4get to vote for esther ya..

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