Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pathetic!!.. AF7 gagal sekali lagi di Konsert ke 2..

What more can I say.. ?? It is indeed PATHETIC and I am so sad (extremely sad..) watching my favorite reality show is no more entertaining (ataupun tidak keterlaluan kalau saya katakan ianya BUKAN lagi AF yang saya kenal).!! I know we suppose to see transformasi..but with that kind of transformasi..?? Its killing me.. It hasn't contributes to the existing qualities of AF.. So far all that saw were something that killing the #1 reality show in Malaysia.

Menuju Puncak group performance
OMG.. koreografinya betul2 hancur dan tidak menuju puncak langsung.. alah2 robot ('robert' kalu ikut istilah one of the and I can hear how sumbang the boys was. It shows that the boys have a very bad low register on their voices. I guess, its not their fault after all.. we can blame the history.. AF has established a very high standard in singing and to come out with that robotic-choreography in this latest edition of AF is very much pathetic. If this matter continues, I'm afraid AF will be history.

Students performances
Overall.... ianya macam malam KARAOKE.. where were all the star qualities and values in AF's contestants? I am really really really sad to see them performing in very karaoke style. NOT ALL of course yang hancusss.. 2 or 3 manage to save the show..

Nice tone (sedap) and very unique voice he has there.. performance pun very teenage-ish.. OKAY from him.

Gagap is definitely Stacys own and almost untouchable by any other singer.. Overall, HANCUR and PITCHY all the way..

I like his tone BUT just like Rubisa, SUMBANG all the way through.. very insincere performance.

Starting okay but when come to the high part..omg..omg.. excruciating.. painful to listen to.. Boring performance and looked very nervous, which really reflected on her performance. I agree with Adlin: her high heel memang limits her movement.

I thought I am looking at Khai AF1.. don't you think so?? There's something wrong with this guy.. Macam over-confident in a not-good performance.. Low note memang hancur gila.. He really spoiled Nubhan's song.. He KILLS the beautiful melodic song of Nubhan.! Extremely painful.. omg.. Why i was served with this kind of performances from AF on my beautiful weekend...

Opening saja dah OUT.. tiada confident dengan lagu.. just an okay performance from her. Semput di tengah2 lagu sampai penghujung lagu..

Nice tone but berlambak kat market sekarang ni.. No dynamic..MENDATAR FLAT FLAT FLAT and FLAT.. Didn't showed any color of his voice.. and his movement??? Macam clown.. Come on cikgu, do something about this..

EXTREMELY PAINFUL.. Sakit telinga woi.. lagu Liza Hanim tue memang Adila bawa belayar sampai laut India and terus tsunami.. Completely SUMBANG.. *puke..puke and puke..
One of the judge said "BAIK"..omg puhlezzzz, tadika pun tahu Adilla nyanyi sangat sumbang.

Boring and forgettable.. pitching out and bad over-confident.. anyhow he do has a very nice and husky voice.

falsetto part memang hancur. Overall, sumbang, sumbang and summmmmbang.

Sumbang, sumbang and SUMBANG.. apa jadi dengan para peserta this season.. all they know is to serves us with their sumbang and boring performance.

fuhhhhh.. she saves this show with her beautiful almost-perfect vocal.. but ada messy sikit dengan lagu 'ku mahu'..and what with the make-up??? macam hantu dalam filem seram.. so putih yang weird-looking white..

Again, great performance from him. I like his tone, very refreshing and sedap didengar.. Anyway, ada problem in his 2nd song with pitchy a little bit here and there. Falsetto pun ada kureng sikit, and we can hear his hard breathing.. semput lar tue.. BUT he is still the best performer of the nite..

Nice tone.. lembut with very Siti Nurhaliza-ish kind of voice.. Cuma, facial expression ada kureng sikit.. anyway top 3 performance tonite.

Adila going out tonite.. no suprise!! Actually kalau boleh, 10 orang terus keluar pun tak apa.. it will save the quality of AF..

AGAIN, what kind of transformasi that they were talking about??
I spotted few transformasi for the past 2 weeks which was very confusing on whether or not they are helping on upgrading AF's standard or (penyebab kepada kemungkinan AF akan hilang serinya)..

**Menuju puncak di awal konsert.
**VT peserta di awal persembahan untuk setiap peserta (mcm American Idol lar...)
**Habis saja persembahan peserta, terus juri akan comment (juga mcm American Idol.. aik hello?? Is this Malaysian Idol?)
**Invited/Chosen judges are rather boring, non-energetic, dull comments, monotonous tone, and very typical Malaysia(tidak mau terus terang.. cakap BAIK saja..).. but of course Adlin dikecualikan dalam hal ini.. he is indeed GOOD..
**No more background professional-dancers (which for me contributes to the deadly dull-concerts, so far)
**No more views on crowds, artists, and cikgu2 to the home viewers.. asyik2 peserta, AC and the pengkritik.. again making it so boring deadly dull-concerts...

Whatever it was, let just give them another week to redeem their popularity..

p/s my mother tertidur time tengok concert AF7 nie, which shouldn't happened for she WAS the hardcore fan of AF.. apa dah jadi??


Andrik McVean said...

as you said before, AF now a day is more to a gimic instead of searching the best quality. They are searching the quality but at the same time too much gimic and just dari belakang they are trying kutip duit orang. For this session i do not think i want to contribute even a single penny to Astro..they are so dramatic

jeremytuah said...

haha very true indeed.. they are running out of idea to return the glory of af..

Johnny Ong said...

so did the organiser err in the finalists selection then?

jeremytuah said...

Ermmmm.. could be.. or..maybe simply because our youth had shifted their attention to the other reality show and the only talent left for AF is the 2nd class talent??

fierce said...

i dont hav any courage to see AF this year.. mayb its time for AF to get a break for a 1 or 2 season and then come back with fresh and newer idea..they really(x30) need to analyze their show back!!!

jeremytuah said...

couldnt agree more with you fierce

gidong said...

baca ulasan gidong juga haha

Anonymous said...

from the start i never even bother to watch this af anymore hihihii ..buang masa dan karan jah

C.Alv.B said...

Thats why I prefer OIAM.. AF? sorry la.. tak masuk btl la..

jeremytuah said...

Suda baca..suda komen juga..

me to.. tapi mcm siok kalu men banding2 nie..

Memang OIAM jauh lebih baik berbanding af tahun nie..

hawa said...

sangat setuju!!
af7 sgt xbest,..
ape dah jd..
sgt boring,.
peserta dlu pon bkanla nyanyi sedap sgt,..
tp rencah af yg bwat kite stay on,..
now,..mne dah pg??
npe xde vt funny2,..sembang2 kt couch,..cekodok,..bear,,...
huuu...i miss AF..

jeremytuah said...

Let just hope AF akan 'kembali'...

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